Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Sadie's Spring Cleaning

I've been keeping my eyes open for quite some time for a Sadie sized broom or mop. You just don't see them all that often anymore. So when I saw a mop with a little pair of gloves for $4.99 at Target today I got them and presented Sadie with them this afternoon while I was putting away groceries (and the house looked like a tornado had hit it. Sadie also got a bathing suit today and she'd wanted to put it on when we got home (I should note it was 30 degrees when we left the house this morning, although it was considerably warmer by this afternoon... I did make her leave on her tights however...). Here are some pictures of the cleaning episode that followed (I should also promise that I'm brainstorming a more serious blog post... My brain feels like it's turned to mush these last few days. I'm just so tired I've been reading the news and practically falling asleep!).

I've been meaning to clean the oven for a while...

And the floor...

Taking a break...

And cleaning the laundry room...

Sweeping up the flour that I hadn't put away yet.

Then the broom was transformed into a pony!

Maggie ready to go to work on the food! She is into everything these days!


  1. Adorable! Sadie is getting so big!

  2. I love how her outfit just happens to match her cleaning up set.


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