Friday, February 11, 2011

Toddler Quotes (And a Video)

I should keep a running list of Sadie's Greatest Quotes. She comes up with something new every day and there's usually a pretty good chance that it's going to be hilarious (or at least, it will be when she says it). Here are some of her latest quotes from memory (I should just carry a recorder with me all the time):

Me: "What's you name?"
Sadie: "Mae Babe. Mae Babe." (usually accompanied by a look that lets me know she's feeling especially silly).
Me: "No, your name. What's your name?"
Sadie: "Hadie Kat Wall!"

Followed by a name change yesterday:

Me: "How do you say your name?"
Sadie: "Cat Wall!"
Me: "Your name's Cat?"
Sadie: "Cat Wall!"

While walking by the bank:
Me: "Who's that baby looking at you."
Sadie: "Mae Hot Babe!"
Nani: "What?"
Sadie: "Mae Hot Babe!"

We're all still baffled by that one.

And for those of you who wondered the other day (I need to go back and reply in the comments too) the rhyme Sadie was saying (and is constantly saying over and over again every day) is "Here is the church, here is the steeple..." After watching the video again though, there's no way I would have gotten that if I didn't know it.

And the final Sadie moment of the night:

Yesterday when we were at Mass Sadie and Maggie were both in fine form. I felt a bit like I might lose my mind as I tried to wrangle them and keep them quiet during an extra long weekday Mass (they were doing a novena during Mass and there are weekday homilies, so while it's nothing like Sunday it can seem long to a toddler). Sadie began by giggling in a strangle, fake voice. After being hushed she was quiet for a while, until she thought things had gone on a bit too long and she started saying "Ahhhhh- Meeeeeeeeeen!" over and over again (until the hushing worked... it's only a matter of seconds but it can seem much longer). We were in the home stretch after communion when I heard it- a loud fake snore as she pretended to be asleep. She certainly is a character! And she definitely keeps me on my toes...


  1. It seems like "Mae Hot Babe" could be translated as "my heart baby".

  2. We have a friend who's mother had Alshimers. She always talked during mass and quite loudly at times. Once at Christmas eve mass she was sitting there quietly when all of a sudden she said, Very loudly "Hurry up!" (By the way our priest is kind of long winded. So other people might have been thinking the same thing.) The priest laughed and said I'm almost done. We were sitting next to her that night so I just put my hand on her hands and she looked at me and smiled. It kept her quite for about 10 more min.

    Her other quotable lines include:
    "We need to get that record." - referring to the choir
    "Where is my purse."
    "Who's hand is that? It's so wrinkly." - When looking at her own hands.


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