Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Apron Review and A New Etsy Shop!

A while back I was reading one of my favorite blogs and the blogger, Maria, announced the opening of her Etsy Shop, Crafty Mamacita. I'd been waiting, rather impatiently, for that day, because I had watched Maria's beautiful sewing projects develop on her blog for quite some time and was really impressed with the things that she'd made. And as you may remember (if you've been reading this blog for a very long time!), I have a thing for aprons.

So when she began posting beautiful aprons, I had to have one. I'd been eyeing a crafting bag (it's actually a reversible tote, but when I saw it my first thought was "this would be perfect for my knitting!!!) as well, but with my apron obsession I was instantly sold on the idea of saving up for one!
I wrote a comment on Maria's blog telling her that I loved her aprons and that I was saving up for one and she emailed me back and said that she had two that she would give me, one that was Sadie sized and one that was my size. I was dancing around the house pretty much all day after that!

The aprons arrived and they were absolutely beautiful. My apron is a sturdy denim, which was a very good thing in my case, since I tend to be tough on my aprons (the one I bought last year from Pier One Imports has already met an untimely end), and this apron has really held up well.

I also love that it completely covers the fronts of my dresses (above the knees), which is usually where splatters take place. I've had other aprons that were much smaller, that offered virtually no protection to about half of my clothing. So I am a big fan of my new apron!

Then there's Sadie. She is in love with her apron. She wears it and "does the dishes." A couple of days ago we were both wearing our aprons while we did some chores. When I was done I took mine off and laid it across a chair. Sadie was still "working." Until she turned, saw that mine was off and flew across the kitchen and living room to scold me (at least that's the tone of the panicked words I couldn't quite understand!) and handed it back to me to put on.

After seeing the aprons, Nani decided she needed a Sadie apron for her house and bought this one. Sadie insisted on wearing it last night before we sang happy birthday to her a second time, with the leftover cake, after dinner. At Nani's house Sadie uses it for dishes and crafts. And Nani likes mine so much that she's thinking about custom ordering another apron for herself!

Lately I've been checking in on Crafty Mamacita more frequently, because she's been adding more items! I picked up a white fabric flower for my hair a couple of nights ago and she's just added a super cute flower headband (there's also a black flower clip just like the one I ordered)!

My favorite find on her shop at the moment are the matching blue and white gypsy aprons! I love blue and I love polka dots!

So go over and check out her store! You're likely to find the perfect summer apron!


  1. "Nani" will cry until Christmas, once you move. . .though maybe not in front of you. . .even though it is a "good" move.

  2. I remember that my late mom often gave hand-sewn aprons (not sewn by her, but by a wonderful local lady) as Christmas gifts to friends. They would come with matching potholders, and ladies loved getting them. I cook and bake a lot, and tend to be a bit messy...might have to look into these!


  3. Love the aprons! Just checked out her shop; now if I can just get my etsy shop up and running.


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