Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Holy Baby Dress

As many of you know Sadie has one request when asked what she wants for her birthday: a "Holy Baby" Dress. I've been planning on making one, but I was a little nervous how it would turn out.

I got to work on the Holy Baby Dress yesterday, partially out of fear that I would leave it to the last minute and then there would be some sort of disaster and it wouldn't be finished in time.

I had already done some work on the skirt (sewed 1 seam and gathered it), so that's where I was starting from yesterday.

I made the dress pattern up in my head as I was going along (which felt dangerous!), but I think it turned out alright! I kept comparing the size to a dress of hers that fits and is slightly big. I also put elastic in the neck, sleeve cuffs and waist so it should expand and fit for a while!

I started out by cutting out the white panel. I wanted the yellow satin cross to be set in it though, so I cut out several different sized squares and two straight lengths for the cross.

It turned out alright!

I reinforced it by giving it a backing (and then thought... "that would make a cute pillow!").

And then the body started to take shape.

I added two short straps between the two parts of the bodice when I began to worry about how big the neck hole was (I was avoiding zippers for this).

But once I realized that the neck was big enough for me to fit my giant head through I decided we were okay.

I added satin lining to the inside of the neck and put the elastic in.

Then late last night I sewed the skirt on (doubled over so that it added thickness). I made it so it should be around calf length. I was afraid if it was too long she'd catch it on everything!

Ta-Dah! I'm pretty happy with the final result. I hope she loves it.

Now I just need to make the habit. I'm making a white snood and then am going to sew the habit over it so that she can run around in it without it flying off.


  1. That is adorable. Of course she'll love it. Mommy made it.

  2. It's so wonderful, Cam!

    You know that you'll never get that off of her, right? :P

  3. It looks great and as a beginner it's always good to go with your intuition. I think Sadie will love it.

  4. That's adorable. When she is older she will be able to say "when I was a little girl I wanted to dress up as a nun instead of a princess"

  5. That looks great! You know, you could always offer matching saints' outfits with your saint dolls in the fall to coincide with All Saints' Day!

  6. So cute! Good job. You will never get it off her!

  7. So (or Sew) cute! It turned out really nice. I also like what Nicole said - great idea!


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