Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Hairy Little Thief and a Missing Speaker System

Last night was certainly odd. Here's the latest wildlife story:

Three years ago when Paul started grad school he bought a computer. The computer came with a free iPod, which he saved and saved and gave me for Christmas that same year.

Fast forward to this past year. I had a bunch of credit card points that were just begging to be redeemed and I saw an iPod speaker that fell in my points range and ordered it. I thought it would be perfect because I have a lot of princess music on my iPod and the girls love all things princess (and even Mae loves dancing, although she gets a little self conscious when every person in the house turns to stare and smile when she shakes her little shoulders).

The speakers arrived the day of the big garage sale at my parent's house and after opening it during lunch I left it on a table on the porch (the garage sale took place down below on the driveway) and forgot about it by the time we went home (that was in April). About a week ago I realized that I hadn't remembered to take it and I asked my mom if it had been put in the garage.

After some searching the box that it came in was discovered in the garage, with the paperwork for it inside, but no speaker. I searched the house. My mom searched the house. It was nowhere to be found. I was a little worried, that maybe it had gotten thrown into the donation pile, or was in a box back under the house, but tried not to worry too much because it would either turn up or it wouldn't.

Tonight as I was trying to get a resisting Maggie to sleep, the phone rang and my mom said that she had an interesting story for me:

She's gone out to move the sprinkler on the back lawn and had seen something a ways off in the forest that looked like a piece of trash. She walked over to see what it was and saw the words "iPod Speaker" on the back. It was still wrapped in plastic (thankfully, since we've had a lot of rain lately), although the papers that were inside the plastic had been weathered by the sun (Nani and Grumpa checked and it does appear to be okay!).

I know who the culprit is. He steals our shoes if they're left outside. He steals Dad's work gloves if he forgets them on the porch. Sometimes, if he doesn't feel like carrying off a shoe, he'll "mark" it. But this is the first time he's hopped up onto a table to steal a piece of electronic equipment!

It's the fox... and I can't help but wonder if it's the fox that I had the confrontation with last summer when he wanted to eat our practically tame, bird seed eating tree squirrel. I think he's got it in for me. He's a little, very cute, pest, with very sharp teeth!

And because I couldn't find a picture of the fox on my computer, I'll share one of our many deer-on-the-back-lawn-pictures.


  1. I used to live in Colorado where deer in the back yard was really common. Isn't it the most awesome thing? Especially when you wake up one morning and there are new baby fawns sleeping in the grass.

    Glad you got your speakers! If the iPod is an iPod Touch, you should totally download the pandora app and add the "catholic hymns and chants" station. It's great for playing in the background while you do housework or whatever.

  2. Hey, Alekdrake, do you mind telling me how you found it on Pandora? I can't seem to find it. I plugged that title into the artist search and nothing came up.

    Thank you!

  3. Swiper no swiping!

    Sorry I couldn't resist!


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