Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging Block and My #1 Fan

I planned on writing a blog post for this morning last night. But, for the first time in months (possibly more than a year) the exhaustion of staying up way too late far too often caught up with me and I found myself asleep, squeezed on a corner of Sadie's bed before nine o'clock. At around nine thirty I made my way into my own bed and collapsed. There would be no snoods or dolls or rosaries or chaplets. There would only be sleep (as I grumpily glared at the light from Paul's computer as if he too should be asleep at such an hour... 9:30... who's awake at 9:30!).

Next I planned on writing a blog post this morning. But for some reason, a nasty case of writer's block flared up, and I really couldn't think of a thing to say. Now writer's block while working on a book is nothing new for me... but writer's block on my blog? That's basically unheard of. I share, practically compulsively, my thoughts throughout the day on this blog. Am I just not thinking?

Then Sadie went over to see Grumpa who's been out of the state for almost a week (and Nani, who hasn't been out of the state) so I had a rather slow afternoon. Especially when Mae took a second nap (second naps have been virtually unheard of this month)... but still no ideas (or posts) were forthcoming. It was around this time that Paul started to get fidgety and pointed out that lack of posts (as if I had somehow missed it). I said I'd get around to it later, but that yes, I was planning on posting today.

It came up again around dinner time and I assured him again, that I was planning on posting something (although I had no idea what).

Then came bedtime. Mae, with the second nap under her belt, was prepared to do battle. Nearly an hour and a half later I emerged from the baby room victorious (if you can call an hour and a half bedtime battle with a almost-eleven-month-old a victory). I told Paul about his daughter's refusal to go to bed. And.... he pointed out that I hadn't posted all day.

I acknowledged that yes, I did still remember that little fact. A few seconds later, he asked another question about the phantom post and then finally asked if I wanted to know what he thought I should write about. I paused. Did I really want to know? Was I that hard up for an idea? Yes. Yes, I was.

"You should write a post about your husband giving you an idea for a post and you shooting it down and telling him that the idea is idiotic."

Hmmmm.... No... I don't think I'll be running with that tonight...

And hopefully tomorrow, the writer's block will have ebbed and I will be feeling a little more creative. Apparently a good nights sleep isn't the key though!


  1. Take it easy and get some rest. I am curious about Paul's "idiotic" idea for a post.
    I find it rather amusing that many husbands read their wives blogs, but I've got the one who's never read my blog but is very interested in checking out the Google analytics page he set up for my blog. So he doesn't comment that I haven't been blogging just that my traffic is down or way up from a previous week or month. It amazes me that he's so fascinated by the blog's statistics.

  2. Nice long post. Or, as another famous author has said, "much ado about nothing". :) Your writer's block would be my novelette.

  3. That's what we husbands are here for: to educate and inform. :)

  4. I did almost name this "A Post about Nothing!"

    And I was thinking about it last night but I just couldn't remember what Paul's suggestion for a post was. I remember him saying "You should blog about that" and me getting very quiet... but I just can't remember what it was. Maybe he'll chime in here!

  5. My advice was to write about your writer's block and how you aren't writing anything because of it. Then I suggested in your blog shooting down everything I suggested. And that was pretty much it.

    Glad to see you've come out of your block!


  6. No Thomist- I remember that part... it was the post a week or so ago that you suggested that I just can't remember...


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