Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Is Biting Nice?"

Yesterday's cold ended up actually being the flu with Mae Bae faring the best so far (she's been a little fussy, but we're hoping she won't get the cough that Sadie and I have). Today she seemed less grumpy than she's been the last couple of days, despite the appearance of a second bottom tooth, and chased her big sister up onto my lap at one point.

Mae Bae is a tough little thing and has been known to tackle her sister, while grabbing a fistful of curls, to try and steal whatever toy her sister is playing with at the moment. Sadie is amazingly goodnatured about her sister's antics (who knew I'd find myself saying "Mae Bae, that's not nice, we don't..." ten times a day).

After chasing Sadie onto my lap this afternoon Mae decided to test out her new tooth on my thumb. We've been using any examples of biting in the house as a chance to talk with Sadie about how biting isn't nice (thankfully she does seem to be over that particular phase), and when Mae bit my thumb the conversation sounded something like this:

Me: "Mae bit my thumb. Is that nice?"
Sadie: "No!"
Me: "Is it mean to bite?"
Sadie: "No... Yes!!!!"
Me: "But, Mae is a baby..."
Sadie: "And she doesn't know better!"

Still, even through the wrestling matches, they are pretty sweet together... even when they wake up crying in tandem in the middle of the night!

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