Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: My Little Kitchen Helper

Sadie was in fine form last night. First she put on her apron and got to work in the kitchen (sometime in the near future I'll be writing a review about Sadie's and my adorable mother daughter aprons, but if you're in the market for an apron and can't wait there is an incredibly cute pair being sold here and they're made by a fellow Catholic mom blogger, whose blog is definitely one of my favorites!).

She stood on a step stool and "washed" dishes for the better part of an hour, while I made dinner (she actually did a pretty good job). At one point I scooted over next to her at the sink to rinse a plate that had had raw meat marinading on it. Sadie used an empty bottle of barbeque sauce that she'd washed out to dump more water over it to help.

I turned to deposit the plate in the washing machine and turned back just in time to see her about to dump an entire barbeque bottle sized bottle of water on the steak I'd just finished cooking. I said "No!" and thought I'd caught her in time as she paused and looked at me with a sweet smile. Then I glanced at the steak and realized that, in the time it had taken me to put the plate in the dishwasher she'd already dumped one bottle of water over the plate (and steak). I drained it and was thankful it wasn't soapy.

A similar incident occurred a few minutes later. Feeling clever I moved all the cooked food over to the dining room table, including a large bowl of marinade I'd set aside, that I would use to coat the steak after it had cooked. I thought it was safe that far from the sink and the diligently washing little bunny.

I walked into the living room (which is connected to the kitchen) for less than ten seconds and turned in time to see Sadie standing with her barbeque sauce bottle next to the dining room table, finishing off filling the marinade with water.

I was very thankful when Paul got home and was able to distract her for five minutes while I finished throwing dinner together without any more mini-disasters.

At the dinner table she announced to Paul (with her arms held up in the air as if to say "ta-dah!") that: "I helped Ma make dinner tonight!"

Yes. Yes, she did.

After that the cuteness continued in a less mischievous manner. We were talking about kids growing up Catholic and I began to quiz Sadie. A couple of months ago we were reading a book about Our Lady of Guadalupe and I wondered if Sadie remembered it. I started there:

Me: "Sadie, do you remember who Juan Diego saw inside of the rainbow when he was on top of the mountain?"
Sadie: a long pause as she looked up, thinking: "Mary!"
Me: "And Sadie, who's on the cross on Daddy's necklace?"
Sadie: glancing over to see if the person on the cross has changed since the last time she looked: "Jesus!"
Me: "Who is Mary?"
Sadie: "The Mother of God!"
Paul: "And is Jesus God?"
Sadie: "Yes!"
Paul: "Do you love him!"
Sadie: "Yes!!!!"

In Mae news, when we prayed two nights ago she copied her sister and clasped her little hands together! It made all of us smile!


  1. Glad to see that Sadie is getting so much use out of the apron! I guess having a denim apron comes in really handy for all the water-squirting that goes on there :). Susi is the same way. Well, I should be done with my other pair of aprons tonight plus some other surprise accessories I have come up with, if all goes well. These past two weeks have been way too hectic, but it will be nice to have some more items listed on Etsy.

  2. We absolutely love them (and she loves the one that's at Nani's house too!).

    It can be so hard to squeeze in time to get things started because it involves making so much stuff! But I can't wait to see what else you've come up with because we love our aprons!

  3. Love the conversation. It always brings a smile to my face when the children turn to me in church and say, "I remember this story!" They have such a smile on their face too as they feel proud of the connection they've made between their home studies & Bible reading with the Mass.


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