Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Latest Project: More Dupioni Silk Snoods

Tonight was a sewing night. I only have one dupoini silk snood left unfinished (it's navy blue), but these are the latest ones I've been working on and are some of my favorites. I was very tempted to keep the red (with all the red in my closet!)! However tonight I was a bit distracted by my new order of lace that came in (light blue, bright blue, turquoise, pink, coral, gold, green, purple, black and white!) and actually came up with a new variation of my lace snoods that is quicker to make (which means this variation is going to be less expensive!).

So it looks like lace is going to be my newest fabric obsession of the moment... and now, here are my latest snoods:

As you may have noticed, red is my favorite color...

Usually I'm not a fan of orange... but this is now one of my favorite colors!

This one changes from blue to purple and back depending on the lighting!

And more turquoise. I have three different turquoise-ish blues here and I just can't decide which one is my favorite. If I was making my "dream" dress I think it would be out of one of these.


  1. I love the turquoise! Now I want one for myself!

  2. Dupioni silk is such a gorgeous fabric; I love the luster and sheen. Very rich-looking. Was it difficult to work with?


  3. I love that color-changing silk!

  4. It's actually been really easy to work with! For some reason the red was a little more flexible and was slightly tougher to pin, but the other fabrics were all really easy to use! Which is definitely part of why it's so high on my favorites list!


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