Thursday, June 16, 2011

"But I heard that Mae Bae pulled Dee's hair!"

Sadie and I start the day, every day, with the same words. Sometimes she says it the second her eyes open. Other times, like today, she waits about five minutes and then looks at me, with a serious little look on her face and says:

"Dee scratched Mae Bae!"

I nod.

This morning she continued:

"But I heard that Mae Bae pulled Dee's hair!"

I didn't add- "actually you saw Mae Bae pull Dee's hair!"

instead I said:

"You did?"

And the response came in a very serious little voice: "Yeah."

Sadie's vocabulary is exploding and she's picking up various expressions on a daily basis. Lately her favorite has been "It kind of looks like _____."

Sadie: "Look, a bald eagle."
Me: "That's a sea gull."
Sadie: "It kind of looks like a bald eagle!"

Me: "Look, Sadie, a backhoe loader!"
Sadie: "It kind of looks like a tractor!"
Me: "It is a tractor. It's a kind of tractor."

Then there was the "abajo" incident yesterday. Sadie had been following Nani around saying something. The initial thought was that Sadie was asking Nani, yet again, to run a bath for her. When they came by where Mae and I were sitting she kept repeating the word and Nani (who, as a retired preschool teacher, understands more of what Sadie says sometimes than I do) asked me to listen to the word Sadie was saying to see if I could figure it out. I paused and Sadie said: "Abajo! Abajo!"

Apparently she wanted "up" and had confused the Spanish word for "down" with "up!" She remembered it was a direction word, just not the right direction!

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