Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Toddler Quotes

Sadie was so quiet for so long that I'm still amazed sometimes when she comes up with something new. Yesterday she was playing in her sandbox, stopped, walked over to Nani and asked if Nani would "go and run me a bath!" I thought about it a bit, because it just seemed like a funny thing for a two year old to say, and then realized that each night when we finish dinner I ask Daddy if he wants to go run the girls a bath while I get them clean enough to get out of their chairs.

Then there was the song she began to sing in the bathtub a few nights ago. It was the "I have a dream" song from Tangled. She launched into singing it with giggles and when she was done I asked her what her dream was. She was very serious and then surprised us all by saying "Eugene" (the thief who helps Rapunzel in Tangled). When I said: "Who's Eugene?" she looked at me like I was very silly and then said, "Daddy!" So things are as they should be and Sadie is reminded of the (kind-of) prince character by Daddy.

Paul pointed out that it seems that the Rapunzel-mania has nearly reached the Princess Jasmine-mania of a few months ago.

Mae Bae is feeling a little better each day. Both the girls are still a little short tempered, but things are definitely on an upswing in the house now that they're fevers have broken!


  1. So glad everyone seems to be on the mend; it's so worrying when little ones are ill. Even worse when you're sick, too, and trying to care for them.

    Sadie is one bright, creative little girl! So sweet.



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