Thursday, March 13, 2014

8 Weeks

I was going to write something about something today but at the moment I've got nothing.  It's snowy and freezing and a mouse just jumped out of my oven, showing me that my place to hide food that I've baked during the day is apparently not mouse-proof, which is both disgusting and deeply, deeply disheartening.  

It has been a good day for the most part though (apart from the mouse and the negative temperatures that have the ice outside not melting).  I finished the training program that we first started at the local university back in October (we'll have two more check ins in the coming months) and I've been feeling incredibly blessed that the program was available to us.  Our coach and I both marveled at the progress that she's made since the initial evaluations.

And in other totally random news I couldn't help but paste the 8 week picture that I snapped into the lineup.  

Could that really be just one baby?  One tiny kidney bean sized baby (I think it probably is)?  Maybe it's twins or... quintuplets...  Or maybe the fact that I've been pregnant five times in a little over five years just makes this happen much, much faster:

You know what's weird?  I don't feel like I've been pregnant all that much since I've been married.  I mean, it is all kind of a blur of babies and moves across the country, but our spacing doesn't feel (to me) like it's all that close.  Of course five years ago this month I was just starting my very first third trimester, so five pregnancies in five years isn't quite right, but I do always feel like it's been "forever" when that second line appears.

Anyways, enough stream of conscious rambling.  I have sewing to do and rosaries and chaplets to make before the first trimester sleepiness sets in, which has been making everything go so much slower (don't worry if you haven't gotten your indigogo perks yet! I'm working really hard to get them out ASAP!) than I initially expected.  My late nights have been transformed into not so late nights.  At least for the time being.

I hope all of you who are part of these storms are staying warm, and that those of you who are in warmer climes are still enjoying the not-freezing-temperatures for the rest of us!


  1. Wow you are a machine! Patrick is still so tiny! All mine are 3-4 years apart and that was just due to nursing, not trying to space them longer. Just the way my body works I guess. But I felt every second of those pregnancies. It's great that you don't mind being in that condition! It was pure hell for me. Best of luck.


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