Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Doctor's Appointment and Maggie's Request

Dresses as a princess, carrying around
a little heart jewel that she swiped off of
a crown and loves to hold in her hand.
What a day!

After a rough start to the week things are looking up.

It got off to a bumpy start (and while I already posted this on the blog's facebook page this is one of those rare times when  just have to share it again) with Maggie having a tough day.  She wanted something for breakfast and I just wasn't understanding what it was she was trying to tell me by hollering at the top of her lungs.

So I asked her again and her response to my query of "what do you want?"

"More happy!  More happy!"

It didn't really help me figure out what she wanted to eat, but it was such an honest, sweet response, that it brightened my morning.

Then it was time to get ready to go to my OB appointment.

I was nervous and wasn't really looking forward to going.  After my initial check-in appointment I'd been told that they would do one ultrasound at 20 weeks and that was it, and that they'd be dating my pregnancy by that ultrasound.

I hadn't said anything (out loud at least) at the time, but as I left this morning I was still bothered by the idea.  By 20 weeks our kids are already measuring big.  I was told Patrick was measuring 7 lbs months before he was born.  There was no way I was going to let my due date be changed by an ultrasound that late in the pregnancy.

The whole conversation was especially disturbing to me since I'll be having a scheduled c-section this time and I don't want them attempting to schedule it three weeks early because the 20-week ultrasound measurements says baby should be born the first week of October.
He pretty much carries
that remote control,
without batteries in it,
around all the time.

I should have known better than to be stressed about it.  I have the same doctor that I had with the second half of Patch's pregnancy (for the second half because of the move at 24 weeks) and he really listens to his patients.

This time though, I didn't even need to bring up my concerns over the earlier conversations.  He asked me if I was sure of the dates and when I told him I was he accepted that as the due date.  When he mentioned an ultrasound and I said that the nurse had said I wouldn't have one until 20 weeks he wrote up an order and said that the spotting I'd had a while back definitely was reason in his book for ordering an ultrasound and I could schedule it at the front desk.

I almost cheered.

If you're wondering about the spotting thing in the last paragraph, this is actually the first time I mentioned it on the blog. You might actually remember when I asked for prayers for a special intention a little while ago... and the new baby was my special intention.  I had spotting twice late last month, the first time after feeling really, really sick.  But it passed (thank you to everyone who prayed!).  And today I heard a beautiful little fluttering heartbeat measuring in at 181 beats per minute.

I'm sure they're ordering the ultrasound as much for my peace of mind as for any other reason.  I feel like I'll relax a tiny bit when I see the baby in there, hopefully measuring a normal for dates size.  It was at 12 weeks when we found out something was wrong with Christian, and so seeing a strong heartbeat on the screen is a major relief for me (the first sign that something was wrong was that his was something like 60 beats per minute).

Hearing the heartbeat today was reassuring but I can still hardly wait to see the image on the screen and have a little photo to take home and hold in my hand.


  1. So glad that you have a doctor who listens!

    It is so comforting to hear that heartbeat and see that little one at that first ultrasound. Though it probably doesn't help, remember that you were evidently exposed to listeria which led to the miscarriage with Christian.

    DD#1 had recurrent bleeding due to hematomas on/near her placenta with Gabe (likely caused by violent vomiting, as near as they can tell) and all was well.

    God bless!

    P.S. Hope that Paul's family in MA hasn't blown away!!! Crazy winter!!!


  2. It is interesting… I’ve been to two different OB/GYN offices in two different states and it is standard practice at both of them to do an ultrasound between 8 and 10 weeks. In fact, when I called my current doctor’s office and told them I had gotten a positive home pregnancy test, the first appointment they scheduled for me was “after 8 weeks” and with a sonogram. The reason? According to my past doctors, the date estimates of the 8-10 week sonogram are generally more accurate than the one at 20 weeks. The 20 week sonogram is better at making sure all the parts are developing properly and to make sure there is no reason to expect the baby to need immediate emergency medical attention when born, etc.

    Hope you get your picture soon! :)

  3. I had one pregnancy with a lot of bleeding; once at 12 weeks and once at 16 weeks. I had about 4 ultrasounds (back when they were uncommon) and I agree that the first one where I saw the heart beating (and they said what a healthy heart it was) was a big relief. (ps the baby in question was a week late and is now 25 years old! LOL) They said in my case it was membrane separation. I'll keep praying for you.


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