Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday in Pictures

We only made it through 36 minutes of today's service.  Despite getting them fed and hopefully ready, the time difference from our normal Mass was just to great for a certain bunny and I couldn't take the back and forth between screeching and laughing and thrashing to get away from me to run around.  But... we were there for the ashes... which made a certain child's whole, entire day:

As you can imagine, she was over the moon.
She's the reason we made it, with two screaming kids,
long enough to get ashes.
Because she was so, so excited about going up for her ashes.

Maggie just wasn't having any of it.

Patch's ashes matched the bruise on the middle of his forehead...

An Ash Wednesday Selfie...

Sadie wanted to snap a picture of us and here it is.
Yes, those are my pajamas because even with the heat turned up this house is feeling cold
(to me, Paul assures me it's not)
right now!

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