Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From the School Room...

We are halfway through our last week of school (since we started back in June!) and Sadie spent some time this morning drawing pictures of the family.  And of course, I just had to share (file this under, posts that only interest immediate family).

First she started with a picture of her and her sister, inside of a heart:

Then she announced that she was drawing a picture of "Christian and Patch."  A short while later she was upset because I didn't now Christian's hair color (she decided it must have been golden):

Here she is hard at work:

I'd been drawing a picture of a doll that Sadie and I are making together (that she colored in):

And then she announced that she'd made a doll of Maggie (that she labeled without my help):

And Patch (also labeled without my help):

Apparently she has a lot of work planned out for us!


  1. Great pictures!

    I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and inspired by your posts I ordered my first 2 dresses from Thredup. I never have any winter dresses with long sleeves and she needed some this year. The two I ordered a beautiful at a great price. Thank you for filling me in on your purchases--it was a great suggestion. I can't wait to order more. Renea.
    Des Moines, IA

  2. I remember being little and wondering how to spell my name. I used to write letters like she did, thinking I was spelling my name, but I never even came close. She at least knows the first letter and uses letters the way it might sound (especially for Maggie). Good for her!
    God bless. ~ Bonnie


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