Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Bump: Week 10

I figured since I started with the whole "week by week" theme I might as well just keep rolling with it.  I'm horrible with surprises, at least keeping my own surprises.  I planned on taking a weekly picture and keeping it a secret until the very end and then putting up 10 cute little rows of four pictures each showing the progression... but... I just couldn't keep them to myself.  

I was pretty certain that this week the bump would look smaller.  I lost a lot of weight from the horrible virus GI thing that struck the house.  I am currently the same weight as I was in the picture in Week #4.  But the bump?  

It definitely doesn't look to me to be smaller at all... In fact I think the bump is trucking right along towards gigantic.  Maybe not gigantic for me yet, since gigantic for me tends to look like I've got a beach ball shoved under my shirt and makes Paul's XXL shirts look a tad small... but it's a relatively gigantic bump for not-quite 11 weeks:

Bring on week 11!

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