Thursday, March 27, 2014

Theme Thursday: "Hear" Our Little Dragon Roar

When I saw today's subject for Theme Thursday was "Hear" a series of pictures I snapped yesterday sprang to mind.  I wish you could hear the giggles and roaring that accompanied these pictures.

Patrick desperately wants to dress up as something.  He sees his sisters in their princess dresses and he's always trying to come up with something to play with them.  Today he's wearing a bathing suit over his clothes pretending to be a pirate. Yesterday, I handed him a dragon hat and his face lit up.  

He started to growl and kept taking the hat off to look at it and then crying for me to help him get it back on since he couldn't quite manage it on his own.  

He was so giggly that it was hard to get a picture of him with his eyes open.  After three tries I hit the jackpot... but I still love the out takes:

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