Saturday, April 2, 2011

29! (In Pictures!)

Here are my favorite pictures from yesterday!

We started the day with a walk!

But then we realized that something was wrong... Someone was missing (you guessed it Marie!)...

Where was Holy Baby?!?!?!

So Daddy set out to find her. We worried...

And then he appeared!

Our hero!

Thankfully, Holy Baby was found in the parking lot in front of the hardware store.

Safe and Sound!

We met Nani and Grumpa and Nini and Gigi at the park for pizza and cake!

And Sadie had fun with the party treats!

A family picture before cake!

Maggie convinced me to let her try the cheesecake!

She's worried there might not be enough!

Fun on the slide!

Another slide!


Fun on the swing!

And in the tunnel (Mae loved the tunnel. She went back and forth through it for about ten minutes!)!

The teeter totter!

More teeter totter!

Daddy's Hat!

Trying to convince everybody that we should stay at the park all day long!

And later in the day...

Dinner at the golf course! Sadie concentrates on coloring...

Mommy and Mae!

Mae didn't last through dinner... And she slept in her seat on the floor!

Another family picture!

What a fun day!

Only one more year of twenties!

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  1. What a lovely family day you had - and apparently LOTS of good cake! ;) Wishing you many, many more happy birthdays, Cam.



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