Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cam's Barber Shop (Or Saving Money Doing at Home Hair Cuts)

How many of you do haircuts at home? And if you do is it everyone (husband, kids, wife?) or just a few people? I'll admit I was more than a little nervous the first time I let Paul cut my hair... but he did a really good job! Last night I gave him a much needed trim and documented the process. Of course, cutting hair isn't foolproof. Proceed at your own risk if you decide to give it a try. But it does save our family quite a bit each year doing it at home. Here's the steps I take.

Here are the tools. I use the #2, #3 and #4 clipper guides when I cut Paul's hair:

First I have him get his hair wet and comb it back. This makes it easier to cut.

I begin with the #2 and cut around the bottom and just above his ears.

Here's another picture that shows how much I cut off with the first length:

Next I switch in the #3 guide and cut around his head one more time leaving the longest hair on the top.

This (the picture above) kind of reminds me of the hairstyles when I was in junior high...

Then I take the #4 guide and go over the top. This usually takes the longest and I have to go over it again and again to make sure there aren't any stray hairs.

After that I take the little clipper and "clean up the back of his neck, above his ears and his sideburns.



  1. Cam I don't think I could do it to my husband's hair. I'd be terrified he's kill me because of the end result.

  2. The girls and I go and have our hair done at the hairdresser. My husband buzzes his hair at home and I take care of trimming up the back of his head where he can't see. It's probably been 11 or 12 years since he's been to a barber shop.

  3. I was terrified the first time I cut Paul's hair too. If you ever feel particularly brave you can do what I did: I started with some very long clipper guides and cut a tiny bit off. Then I went down one and cut off a tiny bit more. It took longer, but it helped me gain confidence! Now if Paul's hair was longer (but still short-ish... I did used to cut it when it was long, long...) and required scissors I would be scared to do it!

  4. I cut my hubby's hair - it has been years since anyone else did it! He likes it cut slightly long (really, NOT "long" but a traditional cut - just not cut down to 1/4 in the back because then it sticks straight out in funny ways!). I also cut my son's hair, and it does save a lot of money. They are happier when I cut it rather than going somewhere, since it saves them time.


  5. I do Steve's :)
    But I do it a bit differently, he only has me use the clippers on the lower half, and then I scissor the top, so it takes longer, but it isn't as short.

    Last time I cut myself with the scissors lol!

    But it does save tons of money! I don't have him do mine, because I haven't gotten a hair cut since after the wedding, I'm growing mine out, but I think I'd still pay someone to do mine. I plan on doing our kid's though.

  6. I cut Hubby's hair with clippers (then clean it up with scissors) and cut Bean's hair with scissors (since I just trim it to keep it from getting too long, but neither do I want it too short). I haven't cut my hair since I was pregnant with Bean, but after this baby is born, I'll probably go get it cut since it's in bad shape. No offense to Hubby, but neither of us are comfortable enough for him to cut my hair, and I'd like some layers put in since mine is so sort.

    Hubby said last night (when I was cutting his hair) that he actually prefers when I do it because I know how he likes it, I take my time to do it right, and it's cheaper! The clippers have already paid for themselves, and now we're saving money on his cuts.

    Not only that, but it's a little bit of time I get Hubby all to myself, which I like. We had a nice little talk last night when I was cutting his hair! =)

  7. I cut my husband's hair with clippers and do the boy(s) hair with scissors. I don't know what I will do when I have girls. I Do mine from the top down instead of the bottom up like you. So I start with the long one (dh likes his hair a bit longer than yours, and then graduate to shorter clips. I also don't do the medium size So high up the head. But that is just how dh likes it, and I get the long hairs by his ear which the people at the places always miss.

    I on the other hand have to go out to get my hair cut. So unless I am trying to keep it short, it hardly ever gets cut.

  8. I used to cut our girls' hair all the time when they were younger, and occasionally trimmed my younger daughter's hair up until a few years ago.
    I've trimmed my bangs (badly) now and then, but have gone to the same wonderful hairdresser (whose prices are way less than they should be) for about 20 years.

    I have whacky cowlicks and couldn't hope to cut my hair successfully. I've been growing it out a little and am almost past the stage where I want to hack it all off. I like the length, but miss the days when I could just towel it dry, use a bit of gel, and go. We'll see how much longer I last...

    My husband is another matter entirely; I wouldn't dream of even trying to cut his hair, as he is a TV news anchor, and a haircut by me could be dangerous to his continued employment! ;)


  9. My husband's hair grows in such a way that it's just better to shave it off every couple weeks. He starts while I get the kids to bed then I go in and clean up the back, ears and go over the rest of his head again to make sure he didn't miss anywhere.

    My husband cuts the kids hair. Our older son just gets it shaved and our daughter gets a trim once in a while. If her hair gets really long or he messes it up, then I'll take her to Supercuts. Our younger son is only 14 months old, so hasn't needed a cut yet. When he does, he'll probably just get it shaved like daddy and older brother.

    I go to Supercuts. I'm cheap, they do a good enough job and there is no way I'm letting my husband touch my hair. It's long, thick and curly and I just don't trust him.



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