Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Sisters Edition!

Sadie and Maggie are pretty inseparable these days. They want to take baths together and cry when I try to put them in their respective beds at night.

The compromise last night was that they could lay together in Sadie's bed while we said our prayers (Maggie ended up making the move back to her crib mid-prayer when she decided she wanted to play and Sadie began chanting "Mae lay down! Mae lay down!" over and over again.).

On the bath front, I've been thankful that our new home has a large "garden bath" and they can play in it for quite a while (or at least until Maggie starts to think she can walk... in the tub... which usually occurs about ten minutes after she gets in...).

At some point each night, both the girls make the move over to Mommy and Daddy's bed. It's usually around the same time around midnight, because neither seems capable of sleeping without the other in their bedroom. They both seem comforted by hearing each other breathing.

Last night when we made the bed switch Maggie started to cry to nurse. Sadie reached over (before I could lay down between them) and held her hand and Maggie instantly went to sleep. After I squeezed in between them they held hands across me until both were asleep. And when Sadie woke up this morning (Mae had already been up with Daddy for about ten minutes... which is something I should mention I am very, very grateful for... a husband who gets up with the baby early most mornings so that I can snuggle with the toddler for a little bit longer!) the first thing she said was "No Mae Bae?" followed by answering my question with an affirmative that Mae Bae is her best friend.

They are just so sweet together! And they make me so thankful!

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