Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Potty Question

We've had pretty good luck with potty training so far. There are still days filled with accidents, but there are also dry days.

There has been an interesting development however.

Mae Bae is obsessed with potty training. She follows me into the bathroom and stares at the little toilet. She tries to sneak into the potty on her own. Earlier today she crawled down to the bathroom and sat in front of the bathroom door. A few minutes later, as the smell made it's way into the kitchen I realized what had happened. Mae Bae had gone down and sat outside the door to use the bathroom.

When I stop her from climbing up on the little potty (not the best place to play) she acts like she's being murdered!

So... here's my question...

What's the earliest you've potty trained, or seen a baby really trained?

I know we're still a long way off. I don't want to push anything, and have no plans to do any baby potty training at this point. But I'm also curious because Maggie consistently is trying to go into the potty and she acts like she's trying to use it. Thoughts?


  1. Mom had my sister and I completely trained by age 1. My little one was much later than that but I didn't push her. Overnight has taken Ella much longer, but again didn't have any worries. She's all done training now.


  2. I was 1 year 3 months when I was potty trained during the day and 1 year and 6 months when I stayed dry at night. My mom said that I was the youngest she had ever seen. I would take off my diaper and squat before she let me be trained. The rule I've heard is, when they know they need to go you can start trying.

  3. Cams,
    My mom states that I basically did what Maggie did. I HATED diapers and had myself pottie trained around 1. She says it was very natural for me and bought me a potty when I tried to get on the actual toilet. I think it is positive:) is early...but if she wants to do it, less pressure on you and Paul trying to potty train her later. P.S. My brother wasn't potty trained until each child is different!

  4. I'm sure you could google it, but what we were told was if the child has the muscle coordination to ride a trike, then he/she is ready for big boy/girl pants. Good luck.

  5. My friend's daughter has a little girl (Lily) who, around her 1st birthday, pretty much trained herself. Now, this friend of mine is the mother of 6 (now all adults) who had followed the advice of her old Polish pediatrician, whom she loved: wait until the child is 3, then do the training. . it will then be a quick success. Her children all followed this sage advice (as did I) with their children. . .except in Lily's case. Lily demanded to use a toilet, so her parents went out and purchased a child's seat, and the rest pretty much took care of itself.

  6. You should look into elimination communication. We did that almost from birth, it hasn't helped her potty train any faster (just less diapers too wash), but it might for your little one.

  7. My mom was EC'd so that skews things a little. Now they didn't call it that, my grandmother swears my mom was potty trained at 6 months... but obviously she didn't take herself in there or anything. Beyond that, I had a friend who PT'd her 14 month old.

    Personal experience... We thought Kalila might be ready before and every time it went badly. Other people getting involved made it even worse. If she's trying ot use it I'd let her, but I wouldn't go to any great lengths either.

  8. Yes, elimination communication is usually what it's called when the baby needs help to reach the potty and get her diaper off, but the principle is the same: a baby of any age can learn to use the potty. At my LLL meeting last month, there was a "potty-trained" 9 month old! He'd been using the potty since six weeks old, with of course some misses.

    They say it takes longer the sooner you start, but even so, she might be fully potty trained sooner than if you waited. If you've got the patience to put TWO kids on the potty all day long, I say go for it! My one-year-old likes the potty, even though he only uses it a couple of times a day.


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