Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

We woke up bright and early yesterday for a little egg hunt in our living room. Mae Bae was actually surprisingly aggressive about going after eggs. Later in the day she spotted three on top of a heater (that's about neck high for Sadie) and went to work. She'd already achieved her goal by the time I realized what she was up to. She pushed Sadie's tractor across the room up to the heater (standing up walking behind it), climbed up on it so she was standing on the seat (in the quick way she does when she's being naughty) and knocked the three eggs down and then (as I scrambled across the room) crawled back behind the heater to retrieve the eggs (it is open behind the heater to the front door). She's becoming quite the little adventurer.

Mass was beautiful yesterday. We got there a half hour early (despite the fact that we're normally a little nervous about doing that with the girls) which made our total time in the pew 30 minutes +75 minutes for a grand total of 105 minutes! And, as a very pleasant surprise, both girls did well and no one had to be taken out.

Since our new parish has a school attached to it, the Church (which was brimming full with, by my estimate, at least four hundred people) was full of children. And there were lots of little ones in Sadie and Maggie's age range around us, which may have accounted for the girls being pretty quiet. They were so busy watching all the other kids and babies that they didn't have time to come up with any ideas of ways to get into trouble on their own. Sadie even sat like a big girl between us in the pew for part of Mass, instead of being held.

After Mass we made the long drive home and had pizza. Then we headed to the egg hunt in town where Sadie cried for ten minutes because we arrived ten minutes before the egg hunt started and she just couldn't understand why she couldn't run out there immediately, and then found the silver egg and won a prize basket.

Post-Egg-Hunt we headed over to Nani and Grumpa's house where the Easter Grumpa Bunny had hidden a bunch of eggs in the yard. Sadie and Mae both filled their baskets with eggs (Mae proving again that she will grab eggs and throw them into her basket) and then we brought out the bubbles and blew bubbles and dancing around in the yard.

We were going to head down to the river after that, but upon seeing their... "Grower" neighbors with dogs in tow (and let's face it... no matter how friendly "grower" dogs seem when they're with their owners... they do have a purpose and I don't want them around my children...) we decided to go up by Nini and Gigi's house to fly Sadie's kite.

Then Sadie went and had a visit with a tree (she loves learning about trees and nature on walks at Nani's house and even gave this particular tree and Easter Hug) and we went back inside and relaxed until Nini and Gigi came over for the beautiful dinner that Nani had made. And that was our Easter!

I hope you all had a blessed day and have a blessed Easter season!


  1. What cuties our mass service was busy to I have never seen so many people come out for a mass like I did yesterday. It was amazing to see such community.

  2. PIZZA?!!! For EASTER?!!! I'm nearly speechless. :)
    Wow. Combining Crazyfornia with east coast liberalism made quite a marriage. hahahahahaha.

    Homemade or boughten?

    Happy Easter to you all & God bless, & I'd eat pizza too, but we had ham, pineapple dressing, and "Hudsonized" green beans.


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