Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sadie Smile: Our Local Planned Parenthood is Closing!!!

I saw an article in our local newspaper recently that was short and sweet. It said that our local branch of Planned Parenthood, which is right down the street from the parish that our family attended for much of the past five years, is closing down. It explained that they had done all the marketing that they could do (I guess that's what those pamphlets I would find scattered around town were) but that they still needed to close down. Excuse me while I do a little happy dance (for anyone who missed my piece on my time at Planned Parenthood, click here!)...

...Sadly there was some mention about how they would be sending someone to town once a month to write "referrals"...

In case anyone is worried about "how women will get health care" I will reassure you that the clinic in town that I'll be taking Maggie to this morning for her well-baby check is really wonderful, has awesome healthcare professionals and is amazing at fitting people in the day that they call if they need to be seen.

So I'm happy to announce that very soon there will be one less Planned Parenthood in the world! Hip-hip-hooray!


  1. Hooray and Hallelujah!!! News such as this makes my day.


  2. Wouldst that I could say the same for our town. And what's doubly troubling is all the people I speak to who don't even know it exists --- but I bet all the local high schools do.

  3. What an adorable Sadie smile!

    And you're right, there are other clinics around that also provide good care. Yours takes Medicaid coupons and such, doesn't it? I'm sure there are many other clinics around the country that do as well. Despite what dissenters might tell you, there ARE other options for low-income women to get health care. PP is just one of the better known ones.

  4. Ours does take Medi-Cal. I think that one of the problems they've had is that most people think it's just a medi-Cal clinic and don't know that they actually take all types of insurance (I'm always telling people that because it's a really good clinic with really nice care professionals).

  5. I just read your post about working at Planned Parenthood (actually linked to it from a National Catholic Register article). I also attended Mt. St. Mary's College (20+ years ago), though I transferred in my junior year to Loyola Marymount. Young people are such naiive sponges in college -- we (and our parents) believe we are attending a "good" Catholic college and yet things happen like what happened to you. And sometimes it takes a long time to put two and two together, while in the meantime you may have taken the wrong road courtesy of that experience -- and maybe even sent others down that wrong road, too. Shame on those who know better who send us down that road in the first place!


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