Monday, April 11, 2011

Diocese Okays Pro-Abortion Speaker But Won't Allow Michael Voris to Speak on Church Property...

I would be pretty upset if the bishop of my diocese allowed a pro-abortion speaker to come to my area to speak, but forbid a faithful Catholic who has helped many understand the faith from doing the exact same thing. That was one of the thoughts that came to mind when I first began reading about Real Catholic TV's Michael Voris being told last week that he couldn't speak in Scranton...

I've been following this story and had been thinking a bit about posting on it. However Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV has responded to the situation though and offers and explanation here:

Sometimes it just seems like the world has gone crazy...


  1. Make sure you read this article with the details in it:

  2. I'm so glad that you posted that link! It was where I originally read about the story and then I couldn't remember where I'd read it!

  3. Just for kicks, I would point out that Joe Biden is originally from Scranton.

  4. Very sad. It seems like Detroit is lost, but Scranton could be saved -- if the wishes of vocal liberals were not accommodated.


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