Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Bug Bit Mae Babe. Mae Babe Go Hospital..."

These were the words I heard over and over again yesterday... after our morning started out with a... bite...

As I walked by Maggie I noticed a small fleck of dirt on her forehead. I bent to take a closer look hoping against hope that I was wrong. One word had instantly come to mind when I saw the small brown dot on her hairline: Tick.

I imagine someone picked one up during our fun day at the park yesterday. They seem to be everywhere lately and even though we've been vigilant they're so tiny that it's practically inevitable that one is going to slip by.

After a couple tries I plucked it off and Paul grabbed a ziplock bag for me to put it into.

Then we debated what to do next. I wiped the spot with a wipe and Paul googled tick bites while I reminded him that our previous doctor had said that everything would be okay as long as the tick wasn't on for more than 24 hours. Of course the first medical question website Paul found said that wasn't true. Another said that it was. Sigh.

And of course, it was Saturday morning and there's no "on call" person when you go to a clinic as your primary care "doctor."

So Paul called the ER and told them that our eight month old had a tick bite and they told us to bring her in right away.

I'll admit I was pretty shocked by that response. I'd expected them to say, "Oh, it's nothing to worry about."

Thankfully it was a very slow morning and we were pretty much the only ones in the ER. We had three nurses and the doctor all to ourselves. Mae weighed in at 22 lbs 10 oz (she's getting tall and skinny these days).

They took the tick and sent it off to the health department, checked her bite and told us what to look for in terms of rashes. Then we were on our way.

Sadie had gone to Nani's house while we were at the ER and was repeatedly telling Nani and Grumpa, "Bug Bit Mae Babe. Mae Babe Go Hospital!" for the hour we were gone.

Then it was on to her next favorite line: "Dee Scratch Mae Babe." You see, about a month ago Sadie's favorite cat scratched (barely) her sister's hand. Sadie repeats that phrase about two dozen times a day. Sometimes when she wakes up in the middle of the night she says it (I kid you not). I'm afraid "Bug Bit Mae Babe..." has now been added to her little "favorite sayings" phrase dictionary.

And that was our "excitement" for the day yesterday.

I'm hoping for a slow Sunday today!


  1. That is too fummy about her reapeating those phrases over and over again. My girls used to do the same thing. Now they just remind me A LOT about things I say that we or they are foing to do. Like my 7 year old Emmaline reminding me that I td her that she can call her friend Faith. :) They won't let you forget a thing!!!! LOL

  2. Hope everything turns out okay! BTW, I loved your new dress that you sewed for your birthday. Congratulations on turning 29!

  3. I found lots of ticks on finley when we were in pennsylvania... luckily none had bit. I was soooo good at checking finley for ticks, that I forgot to check myself. And that's why I got Lyme's. Make sure to check yourself too, Cammie! They are very sneaky and love armpits, kneepits, and any other warm place you can think of.

  4. Good thinking Cammie Maggie really needed to be seen immediately at the ER...because it could have cause Lyme's disease that is why they have the tick sent right away to Public health..this is Maria Fontamillas; anyway i can't believe how Saddie is growing up so fast..when i attended your baby shower i was just new in Weaverville; it was still Fr Keith who is Emeritus now n u guys have Fr Derreck now; Fr Lito is not even there time flies...but it is just funny coz as i see Saddie will always remeind me of the friends n family i had at Weaverville as well as the happy memries'i had at St Patrick's Weaverville esp Cursillo n of course my friendship with Fr Lito it is been almost that long that we became good friends n now he is officially my adopted brother n he offficially adopted me too as his eldest sister..thanks for making this blog n sharing ur family memoirs n events with us d lucky friends u picked to be ur friend still at fb as u did ur spring cleaning up..God Bless always...hug n kisses for d 2 lovely girls n warmest regards to Paul n of course kudos to u for being an exceptional MOM...thumbs up for that...missing u all my St Patrick's Weaverville family....


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