Monday, August 1, 2011

Barely... Surviving... Moving...

We survived!


I'm almost too tired to type... and I think it may be a few days before we all totally recover from the extreme-packing that went on yesterday. I'd planned so carefully, packing each night after the girls went to bed... but in the end it still came down to the wire with Paul, Nani and Grumpa up late last night packing the truck while I collapsed after three days stacking boxes in a hot U-haul.

I thought that my head was going to explode last night... and the headache still hasn't quite gone away. I woke up with the somewhat serious question floating around my mind of whether I could have actually damaged the top part of my brain from stacking boxes in the oven like U-haul for hours... I know... probably not... it's just what it feels like!

I did learn that I could a) move a giant box that weighted well over a hundred lbs by myself b) figure out how to tie down a load in a U-haul while balancing on my tiptoes on top of a table and a bookshelf hoping nothing falls on me or breaks under me and that I could c) just keep moving even when the temperature outside was in the triple digits and the temperature in the U-haul was approaching "broil."

I'm very glad that it's all over.

Now Paul just has to get it from one side of the country to the other. I will be so relieved when I hear that he's safe and sound on the other side of the country. I can't imagine how exhausted he is today!

There are pictures somewhere... I'll try to find the computer/camera cable tomorrow...


  1. My daughter and her husband moved into a new house in June. They live only about a half an hour away from where their apartment was, but the whole thing was grueling. She was trying to get her paid employment down at the same time as the packing, and at the end of the day there was still stuff unpacked when the rental truck arrived. My main contribution was to watch her little girl while she, my husband, my son, her husband, and his brother packed the truck, drove to the new place, unpacked the truck, and drove back for another load. It took quite literally all day. In the middle of the day she and I and her little girl went over to the new place, and found ourselves locked out and no one was answering their cell phone on the other side of town. We did eventually find the keys, and she did eventually get her daughter down for a nap. However, I can really identify with what you've been going through, and I know that the job on the other end is going to be equally difficult. I'll say a prayer that Paul's journey is safe, and that the unpacking goes a little more easily. Just remember it's going to probably take weeks to get everything just how you want it. It's got to be particularly rough for you because of being pregnant, but also because it's not all that long since your last move. Moving is stressful, I hope that your new home is a place you can settle into happily for the next few years.

  2. I pray that you will all be safe in your move.

  3. Doesn't it ALWAYS come right down to the wire? No matter how organized I am, no matter how far in advance I start, there's always that frantic last part. I think it's true of everyone.

    I'm so impressed you're doing all of this while pregnant! I hope angels keep watch over you all. Liz is right: everything's going to seem out of control for a bit, but in a matter of weeks, you'll have your home the way you like it.


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