Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Days Best...

In an attempt to "rest" I've had the time to do a little more blog reading lately (okay, the first one isn't a blog, but it was just too interesting/disturbing to pass up). Here are the three top highlights from the day:

I was kind of surprised when I saw this article... and the thought that really came to mind as I was reading it was: "That is not a job that I would want my teenage daughter (or son) doing..."

This may be my favorite blog post of all time. The Archbold's blog is one of my daily reads, but that particular post is definitely one of the highlights! I'll try to keep it in mind next time someone makes a less than charitable "are you done yet" type of comment. Maybe it will help me not say exactly what's on my mind.

And lastly this post answered a question I'd wondered about lately in Mass (the whispering of a particular prayer I've just begun to notice occasionally).

Now to get some sleep. Here's hoping that the girls sleep past 6am tomorrow...


  1. The second link has a lot of wisdom in it. I find myself fielding more and more questions that I feel are too forward, rude or inappropriate these days with regards to my expanding family. Lately I've just been cheerfully responding to people's questions which aren't always nice and just catching them off guard.

    I hope you're getting the rest you need.

  2. I think the first post is about people who are playing with fire. Exorcists should be priests, older, mature and solid in their faith. Young girls are far too likely to find themselves falling into the occult. Even the most experienced Catholic exorcists do not address the demons for any reason, they simply get rid of them with prayer and the rites of the Church. I found the post disturbing.

    I read Fr. Z every day. His is my hands down favorite blog to read daily.


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