Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Would You Let Your Husband Cut Your Hair?

If you read my blog much there's a good chance that you've noticed that my hair is pretty much never down. I could blame it on Mae Bae and her hair-pulling little hands, and that is partially true. However, the other half of the reason is that it's pretty unruly when it's dry and the effort required to make it behave involves the whole blow drying and curling iron routine, along with copious amounts of hair product. That sort of time consuming regimen just doesn't fit into my day. Besides, now that we're in Florida I'm not sure that even that routine could guarantee hair that stayed the way I would want it to for more than five minutes.

As a result I rely heavily on buns and braids.

I've been meaning to have Paul cut my hair for about six months now. He cut it some time after Mae Bae was born (so over a year ago), but since it's up in a bun from dawn until dusk I usually don't notice it. It was definitely well over due at this point, so when Paul got home from class today I found my sharpest scissors and handed them to him.

Here's the before picture:

I asked for three or four inches off. When I saw the first strands on the floor it looked like closer to six (and I was a little nervous). Then Sadie came in the room and her eyes turned into little round saucers. She ran to get her toy mop and spent the rest of the time trying to sneak around Paul to get at the hair while questioning Paul about what he was doing to Mommy's hair. We did tell her hair cuts could only be given my grown ups...

And now for the results:

And then...

I'm kidding. I've very happy with the results. My hair feels much healthier. And between the haircut I gave Paul yesterday and my haircut today, we saved about forty dollars.

Now I just need to get Paul to pencil in my haircuts a little more frequently. Maybe once every three months? It's definitely a change from college where I set up appointments to have my hair cut and colored (bright red) every four weeks!

And lastly, just for fun, I set up a survey on the side panel (you can answer in the comment section here too if you feel like it!). Would you ever consider letting your husband cut your hair? (and just as importantly) Would he consider giving it a try?

I'll admit I was pretty nervous the first time I handed Paul a pair of scissors and let him near my hair. But it's worked pretty well for us (I was already cutting his hair... If I hadn't I'm not sure I ever would have thought of it!).

Sadie did have her own response when I, teasingly, asked her if she wanted Daddy to cut her hair. It was an adamant: "No way!"

And later in the day when I had my migraine she came over and laid down next to me and said: "Don't worry Mommy..." followed by talking about Daddy cutting my hair and putting it in the trash. She apparently seemed to think that my not feeling good was directly related to the hair cut. She even went and found her sippie cup filled with milk and put it in my hand. So while she told me it looked "pretty" she remains a bit skeptical of the whole thing!


  1. I give my husband his haircuts. He trims my hair. And none of my girls ever want their hair trimmed. We've managed to convince our eldest once to allow a hair trim. Our second-eldest still refuses.

  2. I cut my hubby's hair but I think we are both unsure about him cutting mine! I sometimes use those little razor things to cut the hair around my face, i might let him use that, we will see!

  3. I think Paul did a great job on your hair!

    I have considered letting the hubby cut my hair, but I'm not sure if he would consent. I think he would actually do a pretty good job...I mean, he can hang pictures and valances very nicely without a level! That will translate over into a straight, even, haircut right?

    I am in the process of growing my hair out (for over a year now) so maybe I will test the theory when I have less of a chance of it turning into a pixie cut should things not go well.

  4. I cut my husband's hair! Just gave him a cut on Saturday. I would consider letting him cut mine...I've been wanting to get it cut lately...but we haven't really talked about it! I'm so nervous about my hair - it's long right now, and it takes for-e-ver to grow out, so if something *went wrong* I'd probably end up crying hahaa. :)

    Your hubby did a great job on your hair!

  5. You husband did do a good job.

    Fortunately, I don't have to worry about my husband cutting my hair because my sister is a beautician and has her own salon. She has been cutting my hair forever and does all three of us for free.

  6. I wear my hair long and right now it is so long that I find it difficult to convince it to stay in a bun. I would let my hubby trim mine just to be able to roll it into a bun that those octopus clips will hold. They sure make putting the hair up FAST.

    Right now my braid goes nearly to my waist but I am high waisted so that might not be as long as it sounds. :)

    It is so cool to see someone young focusing on motherhood and wife-dom. I did that young and now,after grad school, I find myself doing it again--MUCH older. It is very different older.

  7. I think Paul did a great job too. I'm not so sure about allowing the Baron to cut my hair. It needs to be cut pretty badly. Mine is probably as long as yours was. I probably haven't cut it since I got married a year and a half ago and they only took off 4 inches then.

    My issue is that I want a perm after I get it cut. (My hair is staight as nails) I go to water aerobics every other day, and workout the other days. No washing my hair for 48 hours would be a problem at this point. Maybe at the end of water season.

    Right now I'm goes with the stick it in a ponytail and forget about it mentality.

  8. Having literally read nothing more than the title so far, the immediate response I literally heard in my head is, "Eek! No." (insert deadpan expression) (lol)

    I have straight hair, and hubby is of high intelligence. But still .... No. (insert another deadpan expression) Will now go back and read the rest of your post. :)

  9. (This is anonymous again (the one from PA). Post just above is mine ... now returning to add ... )

    He did a great job. :)

    In all honesty I do cut my own straight hair, and I also cut our daughter's straight hair. (She's from China, with the classic black hair that I allow her keep almost two feet long. I just have to help her with hair care sometimes.)

    But that wide-eyed expression you posted? Yeah, that was the look on my face when I read your post title. ;)

    Also wanted to add, glad to see you settling in so well after a move, and dealing with the recent loss. Hugs. :)

  10. When my hair was long I used to have hubby trim it all the time.

  11. You look so beautiful with your hair down!
    I would never let hubby cut my hair.... mine's thick and tricky and his is fine and curly so I'm sure he'll hack into it! I don't go for haircuts too often... maybe every 4 months but when I do it's kinda like my ME time so it's worth it!

  12. ditto on Jacita's first sentence.

  13. Oh thanks you guys! I try to wear it down but it usually ends up in a ponytail after ten minutes and a bun after an hour. Now that it's shorter I'm at least tolerating a pony tail all day. Baby steps towards wearing it down!

  14. I think if I had just straight hair I would let him but my hair is a bit tough so I go to the salon about every 4 months and its a small treat for me that goes a long way. But speaking of hair, check out what my son (who if he is ever to get married could cut his wife hair):


    Many Blessings!

  15. Hello! What's funny is my husband's name is Paul as well! and tonight I am letting him cut my hair for the very first time. I am excited and nervous, cross your fingers for me :)

  16. I cut my boyfriend's hair for the first (and last time) on Sunday. He told me to cut off 1/2" and walked me through the sectioning, cutting angle, etc. well I felt it needed to be shorter in the back and I left it higher on one side than the other. He was quite patient with me, but I am not going to try again in the interest of keeping the relationship. He had been cutting my hair for the last year and a half, and I wanted a crack at his. He does a fantastic job with my hair, he even braids it for me, so he will continue to do so. My advice is think twice before you try to cut your guy's hair other than using a clipper.

  17. I gave my wife her first short haircut on our third date. After shearing off three feet of her hair into a clippered pixie, we had to get married. She said she was not going to pay to get a haircut every four weeks just because I preferred her hair short!

    My bit of advice to women breaking in their man to cutting their hair: don't panic! Indecision, micro-managing the haircut or appearing to change your mind half-way through a cut is a recipe for disaster. Expect a good haircut and convey utmost confidence in your new stylist. Have fun! This is a great way to spend time together and save some time and money!


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