Monday, August 22, 2011

The Girls' Room

Today's project was the girls' room (it isn't quite finished!). If a mid-day migraine hadn't struck I might have finished it. As it is I'm only a couple boxes away (and wondering where I'll put the remainder!).

Here's Sadie's space. She's in love with maps at the moment and likes to sit and ask me questions about the maps. These two maps from Costco were a surprise I'd gotten a couple of months before the move and were a big hit. Sadie found the map boxes today in a corner, dragged them out and begged me to open them and show them to her. So they were one of the first things I put up!

Here's Mae's crib and Mae Bae's someday-when-she's-old-enough-not-to-roll bed. It has a matching owl bedspread too!

I liked this picture because you can see the layout of the beds. It is pretty snug in there!

Lastly here's a look at the closet. Paul was pretty shocked when he saw it. You see, we packed all the baby stuff when we moved, so that's everything from newborn through 6x sizes. I sorted them by size in the cubbies, so there's a newborn cubby, a 0-3 cubby, up all the way to the current sizes. At least we only have to buy clothes as Sadie grows now!


  1. WOW!! I could just see mine emptying the entire beautifully organized arrangement into a pile to see what might be behind the clothing.....

    I like the colors of the room, very girl!

  2. Mae desperately wants to empty it! She got one of the middles ones emptied early so now I'm trying to remember to keep it closed! Otherwise I'm afraid she'll make short work of those cubbies!

  3. I love the room arrangement and the matching bedspreads! Good luck keeping the closet and all those cubbies neat and organized. I have an 11 year old with a much sparser closet and I am constantly picking up broken hangers and refolding things. I guess your challenge will depend heavily on how much "help" you have. Part of the issue with mine is that I am trying to train him to fold and hang himself...

  4. Hi Cam,
    Where did you buy the cubbys? We haven't installed Susi's closet yet, but some cubbies could come in really handy.

  5. They're from Target (although Walmart had similar ones for about the same price too) and were really easy to put together. I did them myself! We ended up getting 8 altogether because they are really helping us get more organized with all the books and yarn and clothes around here!

  6. Wow! I'm very impressed. All my littlest ones clothes are in a giant dell computer box. But then again, my 1st child isn't as old as Sadie is so I haven't accumulated that many clothes. That and the fact that I try (really try) to be a minimalist about clothing. My child currently has 6 pairs of shorts that fit him. And enough shirts to get him through the week with a few shirt changes. He also has 2 pairs of shoes. I'm not crazy about having a ton of clothes. I'm always weeding them out by handing them down to other people. I'm afraid when I do open that dell box that my little one won't have enough clothes cause I go overboard. But you are talking to the lady who has 2 maternity dresses and 3 maternity skirts. I repeat wear.

  7. What a great idea, Cam, I might have to go and check them out at Target since it is so close by. I know what you mean about trying to get more organized, the fabric and Susi's clothes are getting kind of out of hand.

  8. I wish we had less clothes! There are a lot of hand-me-downs there. I'd actually sorted through a bunch to give away before we found out we were expecting last time, but never got around to meeting the person I was giving them too and finally, before the move, I decided to bring them along. There are less and less clothing of each size though. I'm learning!

    We also got a giant metal shelf set at Target that is bolted to the wall in the office. It's holding all the fabric and beading supplies. I got a smaller one with cubbies for the yarn. Hopefully I'll have pictures of a clean, organized office before too long!


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