Monday, August 22, 2011


Yesterday we decided to make the half hour drive out to the actual University (the law school is in a nearby town) to see it for the first time. Mae Bae's carseat was installed in this car on the night we went to the ER and I still haven't gotten around to going outside and wrestling it into a rear facing position with the new seatbelt latches we had to get for this car, so, for the drive out, she was forward facing...

Mae Bae cried for the first few minutes and then fell fast asleep. We were hoping the nap would make her a little less fussy when we stopped and it did... eventually. She just had to have a lunch time fuss first where she decided that nothing looked appetizing.

We arrived at Ave in time to have lunch (and have an hour before communion) at a great little smoothie place on campus (I'm a big fan of their barbeque flatbread sandwich now) and then we headed over to the front lawn to let the girls get their wiggles out before Mass started.

I was hoping we could wait as long as possible before we went in, because then there would be less time for the girls to get impatient before Mass started. I should have known the "getting the wiggles out" idea was pretty hopeless. They always have more wiggles. Always.

Sadie's pretty excited about her "hat." She told me she wanted to wear it when she was getting dressed and then said: "Where is it?" When I told her it was right out in the living room on the book case she replied: "Mommy put it away!"

Mae Bae is fearless. She headed out on her own. Daddy had the camera and the responsibility of chasing Mae Bae down if she got to close to the road.

Sadie is so protective of her sister. Mae Bae wanders off. And Sadie follows her. If Mae Bae went to near the edge of the grass Sadie would yell: "Mommy get Mae Bae!" She's definitely got the "we take care of our baby sister" idea down.

They had lot of fun running around, despite the heat. But they had all their lunchtime energy to burn off (and Sadie had a kid's fruit smoothy that seemed to give her extra energy!).

Sadie raced across the grass. I'm really surprised that her snood stayed put as well as it did, especially since she was wearing it pushed back so far!

And then it was time to go inside to Mass. Where we discovered that they both had lots of energy left. Thankfully, there were lots of other kids with the same energy level, so at least we didn't feel alone (particularly since Mae and I spent Mass in the narthex!).

Beautiful! The church isn't something I would have ever thought to design, but after seeing it in person I do really like it and the atmosphere and reverence is just amazing... which leads me to our next decision. We've decided to make the commute once a week for Mass. All the wonderful reasons deserve their own post, but we're pretty excited about our new parish home!


  1. Wait, ok, are you just living by Ave U? or the Law school? Are you attending? I haven't been following long enough to know what the move was for and where you were actually going.

    Curious because I am an Ave Law grad, but from the Ann Arbor "Project".

  2. Hi Joe-

    Paul's at the law school and is working at the law library too. He finished his MA in theology at USF this last summer.

    I thought you were an Ave graduate because I remember a post you wrote a while back (I think that's how I found your blog and started following after googling the law school when he decided to go to Ave).

    It's a little drive, but we've decided to make the drive to the main campus for Mass on Sunday after attending this last week. It was so beautiful and reverent that we were both convinced!

  3. Email me personally at: angelsdefendus [at] gmail - I want to tell you the name of a couple to look up, good Catholics.

    That is so cool! I am happy for you all, and honestly, you get out what you put into the place!

    I have never been to either Florida campus, although I think the Oratory looks rather... spaceshipish, but I shouldnt judge. I bet the Catholic culture down there is just awesome, I am jealous!

    Email me though, I want to give you a few folks to look up.


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