Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Urgent Prayer Intention!

You may remember that I asked for prayers for a very important special intention a few weeks ago...

This week the outcome of those prayers (and hopefully truth and justice and goodness) will, if there's any justice in this state, win out. After eight years of suffering and lies (I think Satan overplayed his hand in this one) I pray that this will finally be over (and hopefully in just a couple of days I will be thanking you for your prayers and telling you that there is still justice in our country... even in California...).

I have learned these past years that people do very evil things when motivated by drugs and money. Any moral compass that may have existed often simply evaporates when these two evils are elevated above all else. Thankfully when you tell enough lies it becomes hard to remember what you've said, and those lies are often exposed.

So please, please, please if you have a moment, say a quick prayer for my special intention. I hope to have very, very good news very soon (it's wonderful to imagine that after this long this will all be over before we move!)!

Thanks to all of you who pause for a moment and pray for my intention! May God bless you!

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