Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sadie's Big Day

We weren't sure when we left the house this morning whether Sadie was actually going to be in a ballet class. We hoped that she was. I had called the school and left a message earlier in the week and the online schedule said that the class wasn't full, but no one had called us back to tell us whether or not there really was a place for her.

Paul took the registration form and payment information in while I waited in the car with the girls, formulating a plan. I had bathing suits and extra clothes for each of the girls in my bag, just in case the class was full. Maybe a trip to the beach would distract her from the disappointment (since all she's talked about all week was ballet).

Thankfully Paul gave me the thumbs up as he walked from the building. The class was in fact full, but they had decided their was room for one more. Sadie's sugar plum dreams would be coming true thanks to Daddy's charming personality.

Sadie and I sat in the lobby as other three year olds in pink leotards filed in. When it was time for the class, the teachers came out and had the girls line up. Sadie tried to convince me to come with her, but the rules were pretty clear: no parents in the dance room (along with many other rules in the thick packet...). One of the teachers came over and asked for Sadie's name and after a moments hesitation Sadie decided she would rather go to the ballet class than stay out with Mommy.

I sat and listened, not really concentrating on the words of the book I'd been reading (Emma). I half expected to hear screaming for Mommy, followed by Sadie being lead out. All I heard was laughter and music. When the half hour was nearly over I realized that a few of the other moms had just disappeared and went to stand near the door, where they had discovered a small window inside the dressing room where the class was visible. Sadie bounced around after one of the teachers with a huge smile on her face, doing a pretty good job of listening and following instructions.

Every time they were instructed to do anything, Sadie would bounce up and down in place for a moment and giggle, and would then follow the instruction. She was so incredibly excited! They had all the moms come in at the very end to do a "circle dance" where we all held hands and went around in a circle while the girls beamed with pride as they showed what they had learned: move to the right, move to the left, bend your knees and clap. They'd also worked a bit on "stop" and "go."

After class we stopped by Kohl's. I had a $10 off $10 coupon and we found a Dora soccer ball and a Dora bouncy ball that were on sale for $6 something and $4 something. In the end we paid $1.30 with tax for everything and now have two balls to take to the nearby park, which has soccer fields and basketball courts (and tennis courts, racket ball courts, a water park and a playground).

The girls were both pretty hungry by the time we left Kohl's and so we drove around until we spotted a Cici's. We'd never been to Cici's but had seen commercials back in California (and had always wondered where the Cici's was that they were advertising for since we'd never seen one!). Paul and I were both pretty impressed. It was $4.99 for all you can eat salad, soup, pizza and dessert (extra for drinks) for Paul and I. Both girls ate for free. We did get drinks for the girls (and for both of us!) which meant that the entire family ate for $17. Not bad for a special lunch out! If we bring sippy cups next time it would really be an affordable treat!

After lunch we took the girls to the water park near our house, which is basically a bunch of water spouts, and let the girls run wild. I wore a bathing suite this time (which is definitely inspiring another post... ugh... bathing suits... the summer time challenge...) and we had a blast.

Now we're home, resting for a couple hours before going to family movie night on campus (while Daddy, unfortunately, goes to work!). The movie is Tangled, and Sadie has her Rapunzel doll out and her princess dress on in anticipation of the event.

Mae Bae has been sitting in the middle of the living room in her red radio flyer wagon, pretty confident that she's discovered the best seat/play area in the house. Now if only the afternoon's torrential downpour would let up long enough for us to walk across campus for the movie...

We're definitely keeping busy this weekend! I'm ready for my nap! Unfortunately I think it's still a solid eight and a half hours away!


  1. It sounds like you guys are doing so well in FL!

  2. So glad Sadie is taking ballet! We enrolled both our girls at three years of age, as we had chosen to forego any formal pre -school, but wanted them to have one activity they loved. Best decision ever!!!

    They both danced for years in our local ballet company and I can't stress how much they benefited from the discipline, the socialization, the healthy activity. They developed gracefulness and musicality, as well, and got to share the stage with some major ballet stars who danced with the company as guest artists. Keep it up, Sadie! :)




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