Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Steps Towards Being Moved In...

We're just about to the halfway point when it comes to unpacking. The pictures are up in the living room, but they aren't up in the dining room (and the Last Supper is almost like a piece of furniture since it's so gigantic!) yet or in any of the other rooms. And the bedrooms and office still need a lot of work! But here are some "we're getting their" pictures. I will be so happy when I can finally post "we're moved in" pictures!

Here's the dining room:

The Living Room. I'm really excited about how big it is! Sadie and Mae love running back and forth!

The Living Room from another angle.

And from here you can see all the boxes in the hallway full of clothes and books...

Here's the storage closet in the kitchen:


An organized kitchen (where everything fits!)!

I worked on the kitchen for most of the afternoon so that we could have our first homemade meal (it was spaghetti, because after all the cleaning I was exhausted!). It's such a relief to have a place to prepare food and a place to eat at a clear table!


  1. Congrats on the baby steps. Your probably going to be more moved in than we are very soon and we've been here for almost 2 years. I still have pictures under beds and behind couches that I haven't hung up yet.


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