Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Bae's Surprise

A while back I found a doll that I had been looking for, for Mae Bae. It was a baby Rapunzel doll. Mae Bae actually had a Rapunzel doll, but her sister has... borrowed... it... and when I saw the baby Rapunzel I thought this might be the perfect compromise. This afternoon Daddy presented Mae Bae with the doll. She was pretty excited.

At first we thought that it was the doll that she was so excited about... Then we realized...

...That it was actually Rapunzel's crown that Mae Bae was so taken with!

After removing the crown Mae Bae handed the doll over to Sadie, who was eager to brush her hair.

And of course Mae Bae kept the crown for herself... Now if only she could figure out a way to keep it on...

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  1. Ever read the Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love? The author, Jill Conner Browne explains life - it's ALL about the crown!!! ;) Mae Bae has that figured out at such a young age. . .clearly, your daughter is wise beyond her age!! (The Book of Love was JCB's 1st book - an English prof friend bought it for me about a decade ago, to make sure that I read it.


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