Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Almost Bed Rest

Deep breath. I am not going to clean the house. I am not going to clean the house. I am not going to clean the house.

Pizza on the kitchen floor never killed anyone (sigh...).

I would say that my day of "bed rest" was a partial fail, but a kind of victory for me, since I did refrain from unpacking and my "cleaning" was limited to picking up diapers and the clothes that were scattered around the room after bath time.

However going shopping to stock the refrigerator may take away the points that I gained by not cleaning, as did the fact that I can now advise all of you not to sew when you are in any way impaired. Sewing in a straight line may not seem like all that big a deal when you're clear headed, but if you're even the tiniest bit foggy... it can get ugly fast.

During my first try I went off the fabric three or four times. And I was completely free of painkillers today, so they aren't to blame (I had something I thought I'd already done that had to be sewed this morning... I finally got it right... that's how I know!)!

On the other hand Sadie is pleased to announce that she will soon be the owner a lovely new snood with rather creative stitching, which is kind of great because when I was pinning she announced that she wanted that snood and proceeded to nab a piece of fabric, wrap it around her head and repeatedly ask "Who am I? Who am I?" The answer she was looking for was "Mary!"

Bedtime was almost a catastrophe. It would have been an entire catastrophe if Sadie hadn't been a little angel who kept snuggling up to me and kissing my shoulder as I spent two hours getting Mae to sleep. I ended up walking her for three decades of the rosary while wondering how any baby could nurse for an hour and a half without falling asleep and wondering what time the law library would close at.

Sadie climbed into her bed, let me cover her up and give her a kiss, and fell fast asleep. I was thankful that that was easy.

But I am feeling much better today. I think my kind-of-managing-to-rest did help.

It is becoming more and more clear that I'm a pretty poor patient though. My mind is always searching for something to do. I think I need to start up a knitting project that can keep me busy on the couch during the next few days!

Oh an there was a small victory while I was writing this! Paul came home from the law library and there is no longer pizza on the floor in the kitchen! That's making it much easier to stick to my: I will not clean! resolution.

Now to try to get some rest.


  1. Knitting is a wonderful sit down project. So is embroidery and crochet. If you feel you must keep busy to keep your mind contained do sit down work. Try covering the table or floor with a shower curtain or plastic tarp/cloth and do finger painting or drawing with your girls. Then enlist Sadie to help you fold up the mess by bringing the corners to the middle when everything is done. My mom had me be her little helper and I would race off and get whatever my mom needed while she nursed my newborn brother.

  2. Maybe I'm gross or a big procrastinator or something, but if I'm tired, I could care less about cleaning anything. My kitchen gets gross real fast.

    So if I were ordered bed rest, I'd look at it as a great excuse for telling my husband why our house looks like a mess. He's the OCD one.

    I can't imagine you feeling crummy are still motivated to want to do anything. Maybe it's cathartic for you since you've just lost a child. For me, I'd rather lie in bed and pretend the world has ended. But I'm also overly dramatic.

    So I'm passing on my laziness to you (if that's even possible) and I'll steal some of your zeal for doing things so that you will give yourself permission to take it easy. Otherwise, sweety, I'm afraid I'm going to have to fly out to Florida and tie you down to the bed so you can't do anything. :) And don't try to stop me, because I just will.

  3. "Sewing in a straight line may not seem like all that big a deal when you're clear headed, but if you're even the tiniest bit foggy... it can get ugly fast."

    *grins* This is exactly my problem at ALL times.

    Thoughts and prayers are still with you.

  4. From one busy bee to another, I can relate to the urge to just get up and do what house work you see needs to be done, but you simply must let your body heal now--and that means that your duty is to rest. It always helps me to say to myself in times such as these, "People before things," repeating it as often as is necessary. You are all in my prayers.

  5. Cam, I thnk you must be related in some way to my dear, late Mother; while she was supposed to be at home, resting, while awaiting a call from the doctor's office telling her there was a bed available in the hospital so she coud be admitted for serious surgery, she went food shopping, instead. My poor father had to hunt her down and force her to come home.

    Glad that you got at least. Little rest. It really is non-negotiable that you try to take it easy.


  6. *Big Smile*

    You have a wonderful husband. Good husbands are true blessings. I'm glad yours shines forth as such since you deserve nothing less. :)

    Hope the baby sleeps a little better for ya today. Ha ha.


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