Saturday, September 15, 2012

32 Weeks (Tomorrow)

I've been obsessively getting things ready around here despite the noticeable lack of nesting energy boost in this pregnancy.  I kept waiting for that "I have tons of energy and could be pregnant forever" pregnancy energy boost to arrive (it was here for pregnancy #1 and 2!) but alas... I'm on my own this time without any superhuman nesting boost to help out.  

I'm wondering if this is an "I'm thirty now" thing.  Have two years made this drastic of a difference?!?!

Or is it that the baby is already 20 lbs?  Because that's how I feel right now.  And the following pictures make that idea seem slightly more plausible.  I mean... except for the fact that I'm not 32 weeks until tomorrow:

Other indications that this is another freakishly body include this fun fact.  With my first two pregnancies my belly button never "popped."  I waited and waited, somewhat impatiently for this pregnancy milestone and nothing.  And the girls both topped 9 lbs.

This week my belly button is looking kind of like it might happen this time.  Which again makes me think:  Giant Baby.

So... I pretended I had pregnancy energy, made lunch and then launched into completing the list of "things I desperately need to finish."  During Mae's nap I made a gigantic amount of homemade laundry detergent (the five white quart jars, plus the giant jar behind them is detergent), three containers of stain pre-treater (that would be the blue), and one jar of lavender fabric softener (with the ingredients involved I think this might be the first fabric softener that the girls and I aren't allergic too...).

Now I just need to hoist myself up off of the couch and manage to make it upstairs to get my sewing...


  1. Would you share your recipe for the stain treater? Please!

  2. What recipes are you using for your laundry cleaning? I'm looking into making my own as well!

    My belly button is still here at 24 weeks, though it's looking more like a crater these days. :)

  3. You look just about the same size as my daughter, who is a couple days ahead of you. Her husband was 11 lbs. 6 oz. at birth (!) and she is getting lots of "you must be about ready to deliver" comments, and incredulous looks when she says she still has 6-7 weeks to go!!!



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