Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Ramblings from a Monday Morning

Today is definitely better than yesterday (thank you to everyone for all of the prayers!!!), which gives me hope that this isn't going to be another month long ordeal!

I'm very thankful to have the inhaler now and to have begun to figure things out.

In other happy news, I actually left the bandage off my foot today.  It feels normal (I haven't tried jumping on it again, I'll leave that for a bit longer!) and isn't pink at all.  There's just a little purple scar where the nail was.

To continue on a random note, I broke down and turned on the heater this morning.  The babies are still acclimated to 70 degrees with 100% humidity being "cold"(after all, it was 80-something on Christmas Day) and aren't quite ready for the house to be 60 in the mornings, even when we are all bundled in flannel and fleece.  Thankfully the natural gas heater seems to heat the house in a extremely short amount of time.  It brought the temperature up past 64 (which is what I'd set it at) in about half an hour and hasn't gone back on.  Our gas bill was $12 last month, so I'm hoping it's not to outrageous now that we're using the heater.  The bricks do seem to hold heat in pretty well, so I'm hopeful.

We also already had one tearful incident this morning.  It involved me telling Sadie repeatedly to give Mae Bae a bit more space.  Mae didn't seem to feel like being showered with kisses, cuddles and tickled.  Sadie apparently didn't think I knew what I was talking about and tickled her sister one last time.

Mae Bae, who usually has a pretty long temper, snapped and bit her sister on the nose.  There were teeth marks.  There were tears.  Mae Bae is claiming self defense.  Sadie does not appear to have learned her lesson and the words "give your sister a little bit of space" has already left my mouth again.

Hopefully we're all feeling well enough to go outside again soon.  The cool air still means coughing for everyone right now, so I don't think we'll be venturing outside just yet...  Maybe tomorrow if everyone keeps improving!

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  1. So glad you're all on the mend!

    I wouldn't mess with Mae Bae for a minute. ;)



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