Saturday, September 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Saturday Morning Edition

--- 1 ---
Today we had a little disagreement with Sadie. It began when she announced in the car that she wanted a pig. Paul and I both immediately thought she was talking about a pet pig and said, "no way!"  

Later in the store we were walking past the hams when an idea popped into my head.  I thought it was a bit far fetched but... I know Sadie... and so I asked:

Me:  "Sadie, when you said you wanted a pig earlier, were you talking about a pet pig... or a ham pig?"
Sadie:  "A ham pig!"
Me:  "To eat?"
Sadie:  "To eat!"

Ham happened to be on my list.  As I put a small, sliced, foil and netting wrapped ham into the cart, Sadie pulled it over onto her lap and began to have a conversation with it.  "Hi pig!  Are you happy pig?"  And on and on.  We got a few strange looks.

Later when we got home she requested that I photograph her with her "pig" before I cook it.  


That hasn't happened yet.

--- 2 ---

Mae Bae is still awake right now.  I can hear her little feet pitter pattering around upstairs.  Occasionally I hear her talking to her stuffed animals.  It's 10pm.  

I opened the door once to check on her and found Sadie fast asleep and Mae chattering with a light up sea horse on her bed.  

Thankfully Sadie can sleep through pretty much anything. 
--- 3 ---

Joann's sucked me in with a 20% of all items (including sale items) coupon today. I'd been avoiding the store because I've had enough to work on without new fabric showing up in my house, but yesterday I went into my fabric stash and realized, that with the exception of flannel (which doesn't count for snoods!) my cotton supply was dwindling. I promised myself that I would only buy cotton and would avoid the lace, silk and velvet.  

An hour later I had a cart full of fabric bolts that were tittering above my head as I carefully manuvered it up to the counter.  With three bolts of velvet and a beautiful bolt of off white and gold holiday lace.

I got sucked in by the holiday fabrics that were on sale...

Self control fail.  However, this should make for some amazing holiday snoods soon.  I've already sewed for a few hours tonight and I'm excited to post some of the new headcoverings I've been working on soon.

--- 4 ---
I've been having real contractions again lately. Really real contractions. After three labors I've learned to recognize them. 

I'm also fairly certain that The Boy is still breach with his not so tiny head right under the right side of my rib cage.

So I'm impatient to meet my doctor this coming week... because I'd really like to talk with him at least once before I actually go into labor (although I'm sure if that did happen at this point they'd be pumping me full of those fun labor stopping drugs for quite a while...  We've still got eight weeks to go!).

--- 5 ---
Has anyone else wondered what our governments reaction would be if the next time some idiot professor somewhere desecrates a Eucharist to make some ridiculous point, Catholics around the world began rioting? Because I don't think public officials would be falling all over themselves to apologize for the desecration.  I'm just baffled.

And when you read about the entire situation and response as a whole... it's especially sickening...

--- 6 ---
Yesterday I walked into the living room after cleaning the kitchen and found Sadie sitting on the floor, bundling herself in blankets. There were three wrapped around her little body.  

I walked back into the dining room and checked the temperature.  It was 75 degrees in the house.  

I have a feeling the adjustment from Florida to Michigan is going to be kind of difficult for certain members of the family.  Even when they're bundled up.

I, on the other hand, am very excited to be feeling cooler during the day...  I love autumn...

--- 7 ---

Last night,after writing the first six quick takes and collapsing from sleepiness (and deciding this would apparently be a Saturday Quick Takes!) the weather man announced that it would be in the 40s so close all your windows.  I was temporarily revived by the idea of it actually being that chilly (gleeful!!!).  

I closed most of the windows but left a few cracked to let in fresh air.  Mistake #1.  Do not leave your windows cracked in a Big 10 town on the night before a game (especially on a Friday).  The celebration for tomorrows game apparently began early and between the sirens and the screaming kids outside at all hours of the night (and we live a pretty good distance from the college!) it was pretty noisy... and meant two frightened little bunnies climbed into the big bed in the middle of the night.  

I couldn't really blame them after hours of yelling and sirens though!

Apparently sleeping through our little sisters sounds is different from sleeping through a good portion of the city having a huge party...
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  1. I had a hard time resisting the sales at Jo-ann's too especially when I have more than enough fabric, except for cotton.

  2. What happened to This Week's Work? I liked that!


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