Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bringing Home Nico! A Post with Pictures!

Some of you may remember that there's a special sale coupon and fundraiser going on in all three of my shops at the moment.  And I'm excited to say that I can now offer you even more information than I did last time (which I was just bursting to do with my last post, but was waiting for all the puzzle pieces to all into place!) along with a picture of the cute little guy you'll be helping bring home to his family with any purchase this month (or if you head straight over here and donate directly!).

Kara and her wonderful family are raising money to bring Nico, an adorable little red head with down syndrome, home from the orphanage where he's spend his life.  When Kara first shared on her blog that they were beginning their adoption journey, I was ecstatic!  I've known Kara through the blogosphere and facebook for a while now and I knew that she loved Nico and that she and her family had been praying for him to find a family for quite a while.  It was hard, even then when the adoption was still only a hope, not to think of him as part of her family, already.

Here's a wonderful little description from the family's Reece's Rainbow page:

"Kyle and Kara met in 2004 and quickly fell in love. They were blessed with 4 beautiful daughters soon after that and live a blissfully busy life.

When Kara discovered Reece’s Rainbow, it was like a dream come true. She has always been called to orphans and especially the work of Mother Teresa, but didn’t know how to help. So, having a tangible way to advocate for these children was amazing.
Then Kara saw Nico and everything changed. She fell head over heels in love, but because they were not able to adopt at that time, she vowed to advocate as hard as she could for him, in hopes that a family would find him. Things changed very quickly once that “yes” was on both Kyle and Kara’s hearts, and they have been blessed to walk through each door as it has opened. They are praying that they will be able to give Nico the home and family that he deserves soon."
And here are two pictures of the adorable little guy:

I just saw the second picture for the first time a few days ago, and I couldn't believe how much Nico had grown!!!  We need to get this little guy home to his Mommy and Daddy and sisters!

For anyone who's interested, there are several ways that you can help Nico come home to his family!  You can donate directly towards the cost of the adoption at Reece's Rainbow.  You can join me in stalking the family's adoption facebook page, where an upcoming Halloween auction will raise funds for this expensive process.  Or, if you're in a snood/headcovering/chaplet/rosary/jewelry/saint peg doll buying mood you can take this coupon ( SeptemberDonate10) which will be good until the end of this month, and will save you 10% in any of my stores and know that an additional 10% from all sales will go towards bringing Nico home.

I'm even pushing to sew as much as I can and have added ten new headcoverings (with another fifty or so waiting to be photographed, which should keep me busy these next few nights!), so that anyone interested has lots of new choices.  Here are a few of my favorites (you can see all the new listings here!):

I'm trying to post as many as I can on all three shops (hopefully I can do a new chaplet/jewelry photo shoot tonight for Full of Grace Creations), so that anyone who's thinking of shopping has lots of choices!

Anyways, I just had to share now that it was official that the McIntee family were working towards bringing their little boy home!  Reece's Rainbow is an amazing organization and the McIntee family are such a lovely family, I pray that there little boy is safe and snuggly in his new home soon!

And of course, prayers for Nico and his family and this whole process, are always appreciated!


  1. What an absolutely precious little fellow! Thank you for sharing his story. As an adoptee, children waiting for "forever homes" have a special place in my heart.


  2. What an adorable little guy.

    I love the print on the second head covering. What type of material is that?

  3. Hi Karen-

    The print on the second headcovering is 100% cotton!

  4. Do you have any more colors of the lace and crepe snoods coming out, anytime soon?

  5. Oh, he's so cute! He looks like he will be such a joy to his older sisters (and mom and dad too!).

    Curious, the cranberry snood: would you have more material for an extra wide headcovering/headband? It looks like it would be perfect for Christmas! I've got my eye on a few and I'd like to add that as well!


  6. Thank you so much, Cammie. You have been a total blessing to us during this early, scary time! <3

  7. Yay for Kara, her family, and Nico. I'm so happy for all of them. They've been waiting so long.


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