Monday, September 3, 2012

Provocative Posts? And Another Adventure!

Thomist announced, after reading my blog yesterday, that it seemed that I'd been trying to provoke "people" of late.  I stood for a moment, baffled.  "Anyone in particular?"

No, apparently just "people."

I thought for a moment, not feeling that my previous blog was particularly provocative.  I mean, it's not like I mentioned modesty or headcovering.

Then again, having just passed that lovely thirty week mark, may mean that my judgement is off.  Anything and everything is moderately annoying at this point.  I'm gigantic.  I keep bumping into things.  The girls run up and hug the Boy and it's all elbows and kicks on the inside, and pointy little noses and chins and squeezing arms on the outside.  And my feet turn into giant balloons every single night ("Don't write about that" Thomist said, while glancing at my abnormally painful feet, "I can tell you're really tempted... but just... don't.").

I always wonder if anyone doesn't have swollen feet in the third trimester of pregnancy (at least, anyone who's on them for any length of time during the day).  I dutifully checked the box at my check-in doctor's appointment on Friday and the PA glanced at it and said:  "You said your feet are swelling.  Are you on them much?"  When I said yes she continued:  "You should try to stay off of them."

"Did you tell her that's not really possible?"  Thomist asked when I told him about the conversation while frantically sewing later that night.

"No.  I guess I didn't say it out loud.  But I think she got the impression that it was impossible.  Because when she said it I just started laughing hysterically, and I think I probably sounded a little crazy."

Tomorrow, bright and early, the girls and I leave on our very own cross country adventure.  I'm a little nervous.  We'll be crossing six states to attend the only wedding I can imagine crossing five states, by myself (with two rowdy flower girls) for.

"Is the wedding in Tana?"  Sadie asked me this morning.
"Montana," I replied.
"Is Montana in California?" She continued, because her little mental map of the US isn't as clear on the   states we didn't visit this summer.
"Montana is it's own state."
"Is Montana a little state?"
"It's a big state."
"New Hampshire is a little state."  She replied after a few seconds, thinking of the state that one of her best friends moved to this summer, making it the first puzzle piece she insists on placing when we do the world map puzzle.

We're expecting twelve hours in the car tomorrow and twelve hours the next day, before having a relatively shorter day on Thursday.

After this trip, I'm ready to not drive at all, for a while.  I made a mental list of this summers adventures in our barely-hanging-on van (who would have thought it would have made it this far when I bought it last year and it limped off the used car lot?):  Here are the states we've covered in the past four months:  Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, (back to California), (Nevada again), Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, (Florida again), (Georgia again), (Tennessee again), (Kentucky again), (Ohio again), (back to Michigan) and now adding another visit to: Indiana and Illinois, and Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana (and then back).

I guess this will be another Geography week for Sadie.  It's a good thing she loves geography.

In other news I did spent three hours last night sewing a car minky and flannel car seat cover for both of the car seats, to replace the blanket I've been using and ensure that Sadie's skin doesn't touch the car seat fabric (the car also has it's own bottle of antihistimine, just in case).  Now to get to work on the rest of my check list.


  1. Saying prayers for a safe (un)adventure! Please be careful.


  2. Your posts haven't been provocative lately, you've been talking about your personal experiences. You weren't making comments just to get a reaction. You were sharing the FACTS about how people have been treating you. If people find that provocative that's their problem, not yours.

  3. "Provocative"?!?! Huh. Well, tell "Thomist" that for comparison he should check out my blog. ;-)

  4. I love your provocative posts. ;)

  5. You must be taking the ubiquitous I94. Be careful of road closures through Minneapolis/Saint Paul. (They have been making a mess of my summer with them). I hope it is pretty up by Saint Cloud for you. Going up to college (at my less than orthodox university) in the fall was always so pretty.

    Anyways if you need anything while you are in the Twin Cities area, let me know.


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