Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Trip to Urgent Care: A Nebulizer and Inhaler...

On a totally random note, have any of you other bloggers been getting a ridiculous amount of spam comments lately?  It's definitely made keeping comment moderation on a necessity, because there are so many every single day now.  And they're pretty nonsensical.

We made the trip across town to an Urgent Care clinic this morning (it took two tries to find one that accepted our insurance).  Thankfully when I arrived there was only one other person there waiting (I was hoping since it was Sunday morning it would be slow).  The wait was almost an hour, which made me extra grateful when I left and saw the full waiting room, and wondered how long I would have spent waiting if I'd arrived an hour later.

Everyone there was really friendly and after listening to my lungs and talking about what had happened the doctor ordered a breathing test and a breathing treatment.

I was sure I'd do pretty well on the test, since my breathing in the morning tends to be much better than it is later in the day (or ugh... at night).  However on the little breathing machine I scored between 150-200... with the "average" I was trying for being 439.  The breathing treatment helped out almost instantly.  I could actually breath in without coughing.  They came back in and my breathing was up to 350 and, with quite a few instructions (like go to the ER if it gets worse and we aren't open) and a prescription for albuterol I went on my way (feeling much, much better).

And as the breathing treatment wears off I have to say that I would really love to have a nebulizer of my very own... I felt amazingly better after using it.  We will be setting up a humidifier in the room too.

Now to lay on the couch and resist cleaning for the day... the house looks like two small tornados have spent two days ripping it to pieces (which is more or less true).  I am not looking forward to putting everything back together once I'm on my feet again!


  1. I'm so sorry that you're ill on top of being pregnant, and with a sore foot! Breathing problems are so scary. I hope that you are prescribed a nebulizer ASAP... it can make such a difference.


  2. Very glad you are better.

    I came home to a cold house (I resist heating until Oct 1)last night, and the first thing I thought of was your house buying plans.

    Among other things to consider in this Michigan climate, ask for utility bills for the last 12 occupied months. Depending on insulation, windows, and heating or A/C efficiency, utility bills for the same MI house can be $150/mo or $500/mo. My neighbor inherited the house after his mom died; 1 year later he is selling, unable to afford utilities or the upgrades necessary to reduce them.

  3. My prayers for your pregnancy, that everyone get well, that your breathing keep you and the baby well oxygenated, that your foot heals quickly, and that you soon find a well insulated, absolutely darling, near a good Catholic parish, home for your family.

  4. We can consider that the Urgent care treatment is beneficial or can say more beneficial and advantageous than the normal treatment because they deal with a lot of problems at a cheaper cost and also render good service than the normal hospital facilities including the emergency ones.


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