Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Dream House... of the moment....

I'm dreaming of our dream house right now.  I get a list every single day, of the new foreclosures in our area.  This one, a three bedroom with a beautiful yard, just went on the market... for $13,500.

Sigh.  I want Paul to get home right now so I can show him the picture and start leaving messages with the real estate agent...  I'd really rather pay $100 a month for a mortgage than $800 a month in rent...

Now to see if I can get pre-approved for a mortgage with my small business income...  Hoping the month to month variability doesn't hurt us too much...


  1. I'll say a special prayer that this dream can come true - and quickly - for you.

  2. If you do end up buying, make sure you do save a good portion of that differential (800-100) for property taxes and emergency house things, like new furnaces and roofs.

    Prays that you can get this lovely house and that it passes an inspection. (please get it inspected before you sign anything. Also make sure you actually look at the deed (in the records office) and make sure the seller has proper title to sell the land.

    Note: Nothing in this comment can be construed as legal advice, nor does it create an attorney client relationship subject to the rules thereof. ;)

  3. I love Cape Cods, they are so adorable. I hope your housing dreams come true!


  4. That looks very nice! Keeping my fingers crossed for you (or "holding my thumbs" as we say where I'm from... :P )!

  5. My first home with my husband (my dream house) was an almost identical cape cod. I loved it. This photo brings back all those memories! We never expected to be able to buy a home but we bought it for a song from a Protestant pastor who was leaving university to go to his first (housed and furnished) pastorate. It was in a pleasant neighborhood with kind neighbors. It was hard to leave it when we moved back to Ohio.
    I will pray that God sends you the home of your dreams... or maybe the home of His dreams for you. :)

  6. It's beautiful :) I will be keeping you in my prayers that you can have a chance at this great oppertunity!

  7. I'm not negative, but an analyst. The home is "only" $13.5 for a reason. Make sure you really understand what that reason is before you buy.

    Wanting earthly pleasures and comforts is a good thing, in moderation. Just don't let them distract from more important things.

  8. It's a pretty standard price for our area. There are just so many foreclosures around... it's very sad.

    The main motivation is less about comfort and more about paying 1/4 of what we're paying now in rent... so we can begin chipping away at all the debt that has accumulated by DH's being a student...

    So far so good though! Meeting with the mortgage broker tomorrow!

  9. All the best - hope you get it if it's right for you x


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