Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ugh (Because This Post Doesn't Deserve a Better Title...)

If you don't want to start your morning off with ridiculous whining, this might be a good post to skip.  Because this post is definitely on the whiny side... and filled with sentence fragments, maybe from the lack of oxygen to my brain...  I'll throw in some baby frowns so it isn't entirely unbearable:

There are few things that I dislike more than being sick and pregnant at the same time.

The flu struck our house this week, starting with Sadie, then spreading to me, and finally striking Mae Bae.  We're not sure whether or not Paul's going to get sick... but his bad back is flaring up... so the whole house is pretty off at the moment.  

Thankfully the girls' bug seems pretty easily beaten back by regular doses of medicine ever four hours.  They're ready to run around and go outside and play.  Mommy?  Not so much.  

Unfortunately the combo of being pregnant and sick means that any medicine that actually works is off the table.  Robitussin.  Plain old tylenol.  And Benadryl.  These are the options of the moment.  And I'm fairly certain I've rolled right through cold back into "asthmatic bronchitis" again, which was made evident by some rather scary hours last night of wheezing and coughing, where my lungs were working enough to get some air... but where any less would have been a major problem.  I'm not appreciating the doctor in Florida at the moment who didn't want to write a prescription for an inhaler because I'm pregnant.  The fact that I knew Paul's inhaler was somewhere nearby was the only thing that held off a full of panic attack.  And thankfully it did pass.

I realized sometime around three am that if I laid on my right side I had a gigantic headache.  Switching sides made the headache milder, but breathing on my left side was completely impossible, as the air just wouldn't go into my lungs.  At all really.  So right side it was.  

I'm thinking I need to find an urgent care clinic today that's hopefully open on Sunday's.  I'm flat out refusing to return to the ER for a cold.  Even if that's what my... (I'm searching... but I can't find an adjective that's appropriate for use here... although several less charitable words are coming to mind...) doctor's office suggested... since they can fit me in sometime in November.  

On the upside, at least this is now... and not November.  Labor feeling like this would be a serious problem.

I'm not sure how many Sunday Masses I've missed this year, but I know it's a lot.  In fact I think if you took all the times I'd missed Sunday Mass since I converted five and a half years ago and multiplied it by five you'd probably have a similar number to what I've missed this year.  Between a month of bedrest, a month of bronchitis and not being able to take both girls on my own since I'm not supposed to lift Mae Bae (and let's face it... someone is going to need to lift Mae Bae during mass, and mass at our parish involves stairs...) I'm feeling a little frustrated at the moment.  I'll have to talk to Paul about talking to the priest today about communion for the sick... 

Sorry for this extremely whiny post...  I have all these actual posts ideas of substance bouncing around in my head, but between the sleep deprivation and the sickness fog in my brain, this is as good as it's going to get this morning...  Really few thoughts at the moment can actually overcome my longing for a plain old cough syrup that actually works...


  1. Hope you feel better soon, and remember, He's the best healer x


    This is a recipe for a homemade cough remedy using honey, cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne, and water. My daughter started developing a cough this week. She took 1 Tbsp. when I noticed it one evening, and she took another Tbsp. the next morning. She hasn't coughed since. It's worth a try, and it's all natural.

    I hope you're better soon - it's so difficult being sick when you're pregnant. I'll pray for you!


  3. I got a bug like that when I was on bedrest in the hospital the month before the birth of my second baby. The only thing they would give me was Robitussin. My doctor did advise me to really push the fluids. She said to drink at least 3 of the hospital sized pitchers of water a day (enough so that my urine was essentially clear). I didn't even feel like eating. I ended up drinking milkshakes and lemonade instead of eating much of anything. I know some people would say that the milkshakes were mucus producing, but I had to get some protein in somehow. I know just how miserable you feel. At least I didn't have to take care of kids or housework at the same time. Feel better soon. One other thing you might try is a remedy a more holistic type of OB recommended to a pregnant friend of mine. Chop up a clove of garlic and mix it with olive oil, then smear it on a slice of bread and put the bread under the broiler just to toast it lightly. Garlic has antibiotic type properties, and apparently doing this every few hours really did help her.

  4. Whine away. I don't think people realize just how uncomfortable pregnancy can be. Add on top of that being really sick and it's enough to make you cry. I got really sick on my first pregnancy where I couldn't breathe if I relaxed. Needless to say, I stayed awake for five days straight. I was begging the doctor for something so I could get some sleep. It sounds to me you'll be doing the same thing. I pray it will be a short illness and be gone by next week.

  5. I recommend Chestal. I took it when I was sick and couldn't take another dose yet but needed something. My friend took it when she was pregnant and recommended it to me. I found it helped.


    I've only taken the cough one but it looks like they have a flu one too.

  7. I've called doctor's offices before when they couldn't see me and never had one recommend the ER. They always recommend an urgent care clinic if they aren't able to see me and it isn't a real emergency. They can be quite the lifesaver if it isn't something that really needs the ER.

  8. Yeah... this receptionist seemed kind of... maybe unhappy with her job? Definitely didn't give me the warm fuzzies about the office... The urgent care place I did find was really awesome though. I wish the doctor I saw there could be my primary doctor. She was so sweet!


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