Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mae Bae's Been Holding Out on Us...

Mae Bae's been holding out on us.  Sure she says a few words.  She demands: "Ma's Hand!" when she wants to hold hands.  She announces:  "Ma's Hat!" and points to my head when I'm wearing a snood.

I had a feeling that, like Sadie, she was simply waiting until she had something she wanted to say that she couldn't express with her little bird like chirps.

That came this weekend when from the back of the car where the girls were watching Dora I heard:  "Feliz Cumpleanos!" in Mae's little sing song voice.

This was followed by her saying her brother's name multiple times this morning while hugging my stomach and pointing to her little baby doll and shaking her head (because the doll is a girl?).  She's suddenly pretty excited about the new baby and is snuggling my bump joyfully whenever she gets a chance.

Let the chatter begin.  Sadie's been waiting for this!


  1. Welcome to the world of two talkers! Just wait until they learn to gang up on you to ask questions – my brain often hurts by the end of the day (but I am continually amazed to see how their little brains work, and the amazing connections they can draw). And a little 2-year old voice screaming “waidiance God Gwory, wepwesentation of beeeing” (after his sister has recited her Bible memory verse from Hebrews for the week – “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word” 30 times in a row) is just – wonderful (and will stave off the usual exhortation to “use quiet voices in the car” for a bit).

    I have noticed that Mae has a pacifier in her mouth in many pictures – my experience (with other people’s kids in church nursery) is that those who like pacifiers tend to get more to the point of full sentences before they start talking, rather than months of babble slowly turning into words. Maybe the “I must take the pacifier out of my mouth in order to talk” effect means they want to really be ready to have something to say before they get around to it. None of my 3 would ever accept a pacifier (not for lack of trying – my husband used to laugh at my attempts to insert a “grouch plug” into the mouth of a baby that wouldn’t stop babbling in church). And, except for sleeping, they have pretty much made noise non-stop since birth. Not that they are always crying – just whenever they are awake there is a constant stream of babble that slowly develops into non-stop chatter. It can be quite convenient when doing things around the house – if the baby ever stops going ah-ah-ah and vroom-vroom-vroom (in my experience vroom is the noise that boys make when in the same room with a toy car from about 6 months onward), then he/she has a mouth full of cat food, or has figured out how to do something VERY novel and exciting, such as push a chair over, climb onto the kitchen table, and start eating the mail. Most of my kids’ nicknames are actually related to the amount of noise they make – the oldest (4, girl) was originally called squeaker and had morphed into grouchy-pants (due to the amount of chatter devoted to complaining about the weather, her brothers, etc.), and our second (boy, 2 ½) is called monkey-boy (that one is self-explanatory). The baby’s (boy, 1 year) nickname is chubby, not because he is quiet, but because he has worn the same size diapers as his older brother since he was 6 months old (there is 18 months between them), and except for height, is now the bigger boy in all dimensions.

    P.S. I’m not commenting as “anonymous” to be sneaky or annoying. Because of the job I work, I am encouraged to maintain a low profile on the internet, so do not do Facebook or create accounts linked to my real name to comment on blogs. I found your blog when doing a Google search for “listeria” and “miscarriage” (we lost our 4th at ll weeks about 2 months ago due to suspected listeria food poisoning). I have read it regularly since – I am Baptist, not Catholic, but very conservative, and hard-line pro-life, so agree with much of what you say (and your kids are adorable).



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