Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Maggie jumped on her bed last night for roughly four hours.  I am just amazed.

The thing is she's been sick all week, but she tends to perk up at night and last night was no exception.  She was a non stop ball of energy.  And no matter how many times I put her in bed she'd be back up jumping (and jumping on her bed actually isn't a battle I choose to fight if she's being quiet enough not to wake up her brother or sister).

I finally went in her room some time after ten and sang her a song about a bear eating her red boots and she laughed so hard that she couldn't have stood up if she'd tried and finally went to sleep.

In case you were curious about the fabulous song that I came up with that got Maggie to sleep it went like this (oh and to really picture it you have to know that I was holding a giant stuffed bear that is bigger than Maggie while singing with my incredibly tone deaf voice).

The song's tune is actually stolen from a lullaby my mom used to sing me when I was little:

"Down the road comes big Mama Bear, eating all the red boots, pulling at your hair!  She leans over in front and kisses you on the nose, then she leans over now and eats the red boots off your toes."

Of course the lyrics when I was little were way less crazy but Maggie loves those red boots and off the top of my head that's what I came up with.

When I went back in to check on her she couldn't even look at the bear without laughing hysterically.

That kid.

Patrick was beside himself today since Maggie pretty much sat in front of the window all day (wrapped in the curtain) staring out at our backyard.  He missed his rough and tumble playmate big time.  In fact his little voice was pretty much set to whine for about 12 consecutive hours since she sat up high where he couldn't even reach her to try to convince her to come play.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown yesterday over... fish sticks.

It wasn't my finest moment.

You see our kitchen was in a pretty sorry state in terms of food yesterday and Paul went to the store to get something for dinner (we're doing our "big" shopping today because Thursday's are one of his more busy days so he only had time to run by).  I wrote on the list "GF fish sticks" which was what we were planning on having for dinner.  You see I've been making pretty much everything from scratch all the time and once in a while it's just nice to put something in the oven without doing a ton of work before hand.  And so I pictured the ease of putting fish sticks on a baking sheet and smiled to myself.  That's practically like going out to eat!

Now for those of you who've been around here for the past six months or more, what would you think GF fish sticks means around here?

Because I was thinking "Gluten Free."  However apparently if you were in the fish sticks section and you looked at that you might think it meant "Gorton's Fisherman."  And if you thought it meant Gorton's Fisherman you might drop off fish sticks with both wheat and milk in them and your wife might almost cry when she sees them (there were actual tears involved) because apparently she was waaaaaaaaaaay to excited about having fish sticks for dinner.

And then you might open your facebook inbox to find multiple messages from your wife first freaking out about the fish sticks, then apologizing for freaking out, then telling you she's figured out something else to have for dinner.  

Michigan.  I love you a little more today than I did earlier in the week.  You see on Monday it was 95 and my upstairs felt like an oven and I was felt like yelling "Michigan!  Stop trying to be Florida!  We moved here to get away from this."  But then Tuesday it was supposed to be 85 and today it was supposed to be 70-something and I just looked at the alarm and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 61 and I just had to turn off all the fans because it is cold inside right now.  And I definitely prefer the little chill that's in the air to 95 degrees and thundery!

The cold weather means the gas salesmen are back.  I still don't get it.  Door to door gas salesmen are just not something my northern California brain can make sense of.

But I'm getting better at dealing with them.  I opened the door the other day because I was expecting a package and thought it was the mailman and was able to say "Gas?" and quickly explain that we weren't switching and that I was making dinner and couldn't talk but that I wished him good luck.  Of course I got glared at like I'd said something horrible, but honestly, it was better than listening to outright lies about what he was selling like the guy I mistakenly let make the gas sales pitch last year who just wouldn't stop talking.

On her way to the Botanical Garden where the
obsession with Madagascar Periwinkles began!
Paul started off Sadie's school day with her yesterday while I took Maggie to get a blood test and when I came back I picked up the picture that she was had drawn and this conversation followed:

Me:  So is this a Madagascar Periwinkle?
Sadie:  Yes.
Me:  But what's the red part down here at the bottom.
Sadie:  Hot lava.  It's a picture of a Madagascar Periwinkle that's about to die in hot lava.
Me:  Oh.....  Okay....

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  1. OK first of all "GF" stood for "Gordon's Fisherman" not "Gordon's Fish". Secondly, you sent me to a store where that was the only fish sticks they sold. Third of all, I have to question why when these stories about me appear these sort of facts happen to be left out of you details?

  2. It's probably because I was writing this at midnight because someone had an early morning class (are you writing this from class sir?)! :) And I didn't think the actual name mattered enough to google it again to see what it was (after googling it once and apparently forgetting it before i could type it out!). Apparently I'm not a fish buying expert. Love you.

  3. lol - the comments continue to add to the post!!! (Totally sounds like something I would do!!!!!)

  4. Oh man... John does the SAME THING! LoL.

    I also have mini-meltdowns until I realize what a psycho I'm being.

    The multiple e-mails are something I'm guilty of, too, as I hastily try to explain myself, apologize, explain some more, and swear never to be psychotic again.


    You two are adorable. :) This is the stuff real marriages are made up of. Love and insanity. They are not mutually exclusive. ;)


  5. Michigan and Ontario have much in common; whether it's the temps going up and down (this week it was tropical and then freezing and now it's back to room temp)
    And the gas salesmen. We get them too. And we're not switching either! LOL

  6. I learned quickly that I have to be VERY specific when sending the hubby to the grocery store. :)


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