Friday, September 20, 2013

Hair Cut Madness (with a horrible photo montage)

I was bored tonight.  The kind of bored that leads to embarrassing pictures in a photo montage of my new haircut, which I then impulsively post on my blog instead of relegating them to the trash bin of my overloaded computer which, let's face it, is where they belong.  Worse than that, it's the kind of bored that leads me to taking a pair of scissors into the bathroom and deciding that my hair is starting to feel a little boring and I need to do something exciting to fix it.

Don't worry Mom.  I squashed that impulse.  In college I gave it free rein once and tried to dye my hair blonde and ended up with orange stripes across the back of my head... which cost a pretty penny to fix.  So I don't do anything too crazy these days.  However, I did finish my work for the night and proceeded to chop off a good three inches while dancing around to my favorite music from college (the songs that make Paul shake his head in disgust at my taste in music).

I realized while cutting my hair that my hair cutting strategy leaves something to be desired.  I close my eyes frequently while snipping away.  I'm reckless (or at least I think I am), going by feel and then glancing in the mirror to see if it turned out alright (as in "this feels like roughly the right amount of hair to cut off the make these layers work...).  It's like the childhood impulse to hack away at ones hair with scissors has taken over, only I'm the grown up and there's no one here to stop me.

For all that, I'm okay with the result (see when you cut hair like I do you let out a huge sigh of relief when you look in the mirror and there are no blaring abnormalities, like one side being four inches shorter than the other).

Of course, then came the photo montage... which is what happens when I take twenty pictures with my computer, decide that I like none of them, and then mash them all together into one picture that at least makes me laugh.  Which is why you have this:

Well... that takes care of my haircut for the next six months (I'll be honest here... I'd like to say six weeks but that never happens).  I'm sure there will be another post in March when I can't take it anymore and start hacking away at my hair again.

Oh and that bottom right hand picture is where, during the hair cutting fun, I tried to look serious/mad and totally failed.

In other random hair news I wish you could see how much grey is actually mixed in with my hair these days.  In real life it's become pretty obvious (I actually like my grey a lot!)... but my computer camera with bathroom lighting just wasn't picking up on subtleties so this is it!

Now to write and then sleep so I can keep up with Sadie's first day of this year's ballet class, tomorrow bright and early!


  1. You're very brave! LOL I cut my own hair, but I have very curly hair, and only ever wear it curly, so I don't even worry about evenness, but overall shape. I don't think I could do it if it were straight!

  2. You are brave. I cut my own hair as well, but it's also wavy/curly so it's very forgiving.

  3. Despite the fact that you like none of the photos... I think they're all super cute! That length looks really nice on you.

    God bless! ♥


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