Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's in That Diaper Bag?!?!

A while back I saw a little article in a magazine somewhere where a famous actress showed what was in her purse and for some reason I found it interesting (probably because she had little one and I spent a good three minutes marveling over the really expensive stuff she bought for that baby!) and thought, wow, that would be a fun blog post.  Yet as I was writing this blog post I couldn't help but think this probably isn't all that interesting to anybody other than maybe my mom (who's probably shaking her head no, because there aren't any baby pictures in this post, which let's face it, is the golden standard for posts that make Grandma's who are across the country happy).  But I had fun actually figuring out what was in this gigantically heavy thing that I lug around so I thought I'd share anyways.

Presenting: What's in my diaper bag!

First off, here's the bag:

It weighs... a lot... I think more than Patrick:

In pocket #1 we have the medical stuff that I need with me all the time.
This is pretty much the stuff that makes me bring my purse everywhere,
even when I might not otherwise have it with me:

Plus the basics in pocket #2:

Now for the pocket that weighs down the entire bag.
It's the place where I keep the stuff that I might need if our van breaks down and we're stranded someplace for hours...

There's the gum I had to buy after I turned my back to talk to a checker about a problem with the self checkout and a certain someone emptied an entire container of gum into our cart and damaged on of them (that would be the one you see right there).  I should have known something was going on because of the silence.  I turned to find like 20 people staring at her and laughing.

The coin purse is also quite heavy since parking's pretty expensive around Paul's school:

This should really be a link up.  But I'm about to run Maggie to a doctor's appointment because the poor little bunny is pretty sick.

So, is your purse gigantically heavy or do you manage to minimize what you take everywhere a bit better than I do?


  1. I do regular "clean outs". But I actually have 2 diaper bags. Using a 2 travel bags, each one gets stuff for each boy. So Andrew's has change of clothes, a pull up (he hasn't worn pull ups in a year...clearly I need to clean it out again!), puzzles, etc...Peter's has diapers, change of clothes, wipes, teethers, etc...So if the boys are being separated for some reason (this has happened, like twice) I can pull Andrew's little bag out, throw it in a backpack, and send it with whoever is taking him. (because let's be honest, no ever takes the baby)

  2. As our son has arrived at toddler hood, we bring much much less. In fact, I made him a backpack and when we go to Mass, I have him carry it...Diapers and wipes are mostly left in the car unless going back to the car would be irritating and then we might throw a diaper into a pocket. Truly, I am the worst "prepper" of all time.

  3. Personally I think you travel light. I don't have anyone currently in diapers but add sanitary napkins (also in case older dd wants to bum some), Allegra meds for dh, Gas X, extra sweater no matter what the weather, umbrella, pamphlet for the Rosary (I'm still learning..) Also a small book of puzzles/crosswords etc because I don't give younger dd electronic devices to amuse herself. I think the more kids you have; the more you carry because you're scarred from experiences when you didn't have some vital object and someone had a meltdown (not necessarily a kid! LOL)

  4. What? No receipts, chewing gum wrappers, chewed chewing gum wrapped in receipts, baby doll clothes, small plastic animal toys. I am terrified to dig in mine most of the time. I promise all of these items were found in my purse/bag last week when I cleaned it out.

  5. My purse has just the basics but like you, I have to carry my son's inhaler, Benadryl and Epi Pens. Not sure what he's going to do when he starts driving places without purse maybe?

  6. Hehe, this is a fun post : ) I like your bag, btw.

  7. Love these "what's in your bag" posts!! Even though my kids are well past toddler age (no diapers or wipes - woot!), I still manage to sherpa around enough stuff to outfit a small army.
    1) Wallet
    2) Coupons
    3) Loose change (note: needs cute change purse!)
    4) Rosary, St. Teresa medal, St. Christopher medal
    5) Prayer book
    6) Epi-pen & Benadryl (son is allergic to eggs. boo.)
    7) Tissues
    8) Altoids
    9) Pens, Moleskine notebook, paper for the kids to doodle on
    10) Kindle or book (whatever I'm reading)
    11) Lip balm
    12) Mini "she-mergency" kit

  8. I actually have that book (Centurion's Wife) on my kindle and I have that prayer book (also carried in my bag) and it's companion with the green cover(Novenas) and the burgundy cover(devotions).

  9. I also am past the age of the diaper bag ( unless I have the grandchildren out), but will add that in my purse I always have a knitting project, my small knitting tool box, and my iPad which has all my knitting charts on it. Do you think knitting is important to me? :))))

  10. Purse is small but diaper bag is heavy.


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