Sunday, September 22, 2013

WIWS: 7 Year Anniversary Edition

I may have a slightly stressed out look on my face in this picture because... well... chaos.

And because earlier Paul had taken some really cute pictures of me and the kids and I'd taken a video of me and Maggie pretending to be frogs and she was hysterically giggling, and I accidentally cleared the entire memory card so in this picture I'm smiling, but I am none to happy with my cleared out memory card and the need to take more pictures.

So... today I wore a denim skirt Paul got me sometime over the past 7 years, a cardigan from high school, a scarf Paul bought for me when we were in the West Bank in Jericho, a snood that I made and a hand me down maternity top.  And the snood and scarf were a nod to autumn finally making a beautifully wonderful appearance (The leaves are just barely starting to turn here!  I'm all a flutter in anticipation for the coming weeks!).

When that picture was snapped I knew that the barbarian hordes were rushing towards me:

Because if the camera is out, everyone "needs" (or think they need) to be in the picture... which isn't always the greatest thing for outfit picture taking:

Maggie was very passionate about something that may or may not have involved stealing my scarf and running off with it:

Sadie had already changed out of the dress she wore to Mass and was pretending to be a fairy:

And Boomer was being Boomer...

He's quite pleased with himself because he stole a number off the school calendar and was trying to sneak it back up there before I noticed:

In other news, 7 years ago today Paul and I got married (and 8 years ago today we went on our first date!).  I can't believe how quickly it's flown by!  Happy Anniversary Sweetie!


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