Friday, September 4, 2009

300 Sadie Posts!

I started blogging last year so that my husband's family could have daily updates about the baby as she grew and changed. That blog, Sadie's Mom's Blog, is still going strong and yesterday was my 300th post. I can't believe I've written that much about her! Time flies!

A few months ago I started this blog because I didn't feel like I could talk about religion, politics and other more controversial topics on my baby blog. I'm so glad that I did. If I wrote about half the topics I write about here, over there, my readers (and family) would think that I'm even crazier then they already do! I wouldn't be as comfortable voicing my opinions about many subjects either!

So far garage sale shopping has been a bust this time around! Oh well... Maybe this is the motivation I need to sew!

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