Friday, September 4, 2009

Dada is the Best!

Sadie and Daddy are playing right now. "Dada" is currently her favorite word and when Daddy goes to work it isn't unheard of for Sadie to collapse next to the door after he walks out and burst into tears, mixed with the word "dada" being repeated over and over again. So playtime with Dada is pretty high on her list of favorite things.

Today we pulled out a fischer price water toy that Nani bought earlier in the summer but that we hadn't taken out of it's box. It fills with water and then there are little holes in the top that become little fountains. It started out slow as the inner water pockets filled. I went inside and when I came back out Paul was standing on the hose. He told me to stand on the hose while he turned down the water. Unfortunately I wasn't quite heavy enough and in the time it took me to bend over and kink the hose, Sadie got soaked. The little spouts became about three feet tall and Sadie ducked in the middle of the erupting water and covered her head. After thirty seconds of recovering she was back at it. She was a little annoyed that "her hose" was needed to run the toy, but she still loved it (any hose Sadie sees is "her hose."). When I unhooked it from the hose and the water started running out she spent a full minute trying to drink out of the hose connection. She's awfully silly sometimes!

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